A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 797

It was past work hours at the DNA test center, but naturally, Sean could make the arrangements.

They also worked fast, and the result came in under two hours.

Sean held out the document folder to Cordy, who looked visibly nervous.

“Is it really that bad?” Sean asked in surprise, since Cordy always kept her emotions hidden.

Even if Dicky didn’t resemble Cordy, he really doubted if they weren’t related, considering the striking
resemblance in their mannerisms.

“Should I read it to you?” Sean offered, considering her reaction.

“No,” Cordy said firmly, taking the folder and slowly opening it.

Sean looked over her shoulder to read it out of curiosity, and they both saw it.

[99.99% chance of biological connection between subjects.]

In other words…

Cordy’s eyes immediately turned red, and utterly so.

The immense emotional turmoil overwhelmed her.

She had actually considered the possibility that Lucas was John Levine.

Before, both Dicky and Zoe insisted that he was, just as she began to notice the little details.

However, her tears ran wild when she finally confirmed it.

So miracles do exist in this world!

“What’s wrong?” Sean asked, noticing her tearful look. “Isn’t this great? That means Dicky’s your son.
Are those tears of joy?”

Cordy bit her lip, not inclined to tell Sean too much and add to his troubles.

“Why are you being so docile today?’ Sean asked, frowning. “Wait, are the subjects really you and
Dicky? Or could it be-“

“Let’s go,” Cordy said, cutting Sean short-he would get it with his next guess.

Sean wanted to press her, but decided to stay silent.

If she didn’t want him to know, he wouldn’t force her.

Returning to the car, Sean asked her, “Have you had dinner?”

”1’11 do it back at the hotel.”

“Bring Dicky along. Let’s eat together,” Sean said.

“No. you don’t have to. You’re busy.”

“It’s just dinner.” Sean shrugged nonchalantly.

“No, you really shouldn’t join us.” Cordy’s tone was staunch.

Sean didn’t press her once again, since he really was very busy-the investigation of their grandfather’s
illness couldn’t wait.

Dicky wasn’t around when Cordy returned to their room.

He must still be in Lucas’s room.

No, not Lucas-John. John Levine.

And yet, she didn’t have the courage to see him, just as she wasn’t sure what their current relationship

He now had a fiancee, and he had completely forgotten about Cordy.

What the hell happened back then?

How did John survive that explosion?

How did he lose his memories?

How was he given such an impeccable identity?

Was this whole thing a ploy to trick someone?

Cordy was in a mess of emotions.

It first started with the feeling of regaining someone she thought lost; once she calmed down, she
realized that in reality, there were a lot of issues that she must face.

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