A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 792

Growling through his teeth, Lucas demanded, “Are you that much of a pervert, Cordy?!”

Forget stripping his bathrobe-she was trying to pull off his boxes, all while Dicky was watching!

His cheeks were so hot one could cook an egg on it; though he knew he shouldn’t see it, he couldn’t
pry his eyes away from curiosity…


Lucas quickly realized his thoughts had strayed too far off, and this was far from the point-he was
supposed to be stopping Cordy from taking off his boxers!

Cordy in turn came to her senses, as if she finally realized what she was actually doing…but all she
wanted was the truth!

On the other hand, she meant nothing to Lucas, especially since she was molesting her while
repeatedly claiming that she despised him before.

“Are you possessed or something?!” he demanded, and firmly tried to push her away.

But she held fast, because she wanted the truth-to find out if Lucas was John Levine.

The thought filled her chest with agony and she remembered John, but the pain only solidified her
determination even more.

She gritted her teeth, and refused to let go.

“That’s enough, Cordy!” Lucas bellowed, rage coloring his face. “Your son is still here, but you’re being

“I volunteer to leave,” Dicky said quickly.

He was in truth very curious and surprised by what his mommy was doing; but if leaving meant they
would get back together, he would do so without hesitation!

In fact, he quickly ran towards the door as he spoke, even tactfully closing the door forthem.

Dicky would certainly enjoy having a sibling around the house, since he loved having a lively home.

Nonetheless, Lucas and Cordy were still in a stalemate in the room; with the former doing all he could
to keep his boxers on while the latter tried to pull it off as much as she could.

“Get ahold of yourself, Cordy!’ Lucas roared. He had absolutely no idea why Cordy was behaving this
bizarrely, since he knew her well enough that she would never behave in such an obscene way.

“I’m perfectly fine,” Cordy retorted, her voice slow and clear.

“In that case, let go of me already-’

“I want to see it,’ Cordy snapped, cutting him short.

Lucas almost choked at that very moment.

Did he misheard?!

Did Cordy just say that?

She was disgusted with him, wasn’t she?

She may not know this, but he knew that she had thrown away the towel he used to wipe his groin. Yet
now, she wants to see it?!

He wondered if she had left her brains in her room before she came here.

“You heard me,” Cordy said solemnly. “I want to see it.”

“And you think I’m just going to let you?!” Lucas screamed, incensed. “I’m not a gigolo! I have my

Cordy’s eyes narrowed as she continued to stare daggers at him, leaving him utterly bemused.

Why was she looking at him like he was the one at fault? Was she aware of how despicable she was

“What’s that look for?! This is legitimate self defense!’

“Just one look.” Cordy restrained her emotions, her voice softer, though she remained ever determined.

“You’re not even getting half!” Lucas wouldn’t compromise when it comes to protecting his modesty.

Ultimately, Cordy couldn’t restrain her temper. “Would it kill you to let me look just once?!”

Lucas was certain he could blow up right there and then. “I’m not that casual about-mmph?!”

His eyes widened as Cordy suddenly pressed her lips on his forcefully.

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