A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 791

When Cordy tapped into the camera, she never expected to see Dicky helping Lucas shower.

Her eyes were burning from the not-quite family-friendly scene.

And what does Lucas take her son for, ordering him around like that?!

Cordy was reeling from rage, even as the scene of the screen left her flushing.

How could that man be so shameless?

Cordy promptly turned off the screen, but not before having a clear view of the scene before her.

It therefore remained clear and stuck in her mind…

Hold on.

Cordy’s eyes narrowed, and her cheeks which reddened from anger and embarrassment slowly turned

She remembered Lucas’s appearance, and felt a pang familiarity.

Her hands were shaking as she turned on the camera again, but Lucas had already changed into a
bathrobe and Dicky was helping him out of the bathroom.

Cordy’s heart was racing, as she felt skeptical and was afraid of holding any expectations.

She feared she couldn’t suffer the pain of disappointment.

And yet… Was there really that many coincidences in this world?

Face, demeanor, and figure…and most importantly, being identical beneath the waist!

Cordy gritted her teeth, no longer hesitating as she rushed out of the room and to Lucas’s.

Dicky opened the door for her. Seeing that his mother looked unusually worried, he quickly said, I’m
fine, Mommy. I was just helping Lucas take a shower, so I didn’t come back sooner-’

However, his mother had already rushed into Lucas’s room before he could finish, leaving him stunned
as that was the first time his mother ever ignored him.

Dicky quickly gave chase, believing that Cordy was going to unleash her wrath on Lucas when it really
was not Lucas’s fault.

Lucas was going to shower on his own, and told Dicky to go back lest

Cordy got worried. 1

Dick refused-Lucas was limp on one leg. What if he fell in the bathroom? He was determined to stay
and help Lucas take a shower, promising that he would leave as soon as they were done.

In the end, Lucas was concerned that Cordy would worry about Dicky. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so
quick with his shower.

As Dicky ran in after his mommy, he saw her clawing off Lucas’s bathrobe.

Lucas, who was in his wheelchair, was stunned by Cordy suddenly stripping him, not quite
understanding what on earth was happening.

For Cordy’s part, her heart was racing as she studied Lucas’s body in anticipation, her hands shaking

When she took care of Lucas the other night and wiped his body for him, she never noticed anything
since Lucas wiped his own crotch.

And now…

She stared fixedly at Lucas’s boxers.

Did the truth lay underneath those boxers?

She was at once thrilled and afraid that this sudden hope would be quickly followed by great

Despite her fears, she started to reach for the boxers.

Her hands were a little cool, and Lucas’s body stiffened when they brushed against his belly.

She gritted her teeth and started to pull off Lucas’s boxes with zero hesitation. However, he grabbed
her wrists just as she did so.

Cordy blinked, and found herself staring back at Lucas’s dark expression… Though upon closer
inspection, she could see an almost imperceptible redness on his cheeks.

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