A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 790

Dicky was actually a little surprised-his daddy used to consider him nothing but a brat, but the man now
treated him like an equal.

He had wanted to win his father’s acknowledgement for a while, but his daddy was just too formidable.
Thus, he couldn’t do much.

However, the one thing he might be better than his daddy was in making his mommy happy.

“What do you think?” Lucas replied, as if it was only natural.

“Okay. I’ll come by later.”


And with that, they agreed to meet. Meanwhile, Cordy didn’t even get a word in.

In fact, Dicky couldn’t wait to leave. “Mommy, I want to go play with Lucas!”

“I’m worried about leaving you alone with a stranger,” Cordy said, finally getting a reasonable excuse.

“Lucas isn’t a stranger-he’s Daddy,” Dicky said with conviction.

Cordy kept staring at him in silence, and he gave in. “Fine, he’s not at the moment. But he’s no
stranger either—we’ve met many times.”

“Do you know this is how human traffickers kidnap children?’

Dicky was a little speechless. “Mommy, Lucas wouldn’t sink that low no matter how bad it gets!”

“Anyway, I’m worried about letting you go anywhere alone.”

“I brought my phone. I’ll call you if I’m in danger.”

“Do you think you’d get the chance if you were?”

“Here’s a satellite tracker,” Dicky said, hiding it in his clothes as Cordy watched. “I’ve kept it hidden
deep under my shirt so no one will notice, but you can instantly find out where I am.”

“Here’s the distress buzzer. I’m keeping it in my pocket so I can press it easily.”

“And here’s the micro camera you’ve tailor-made for me, attached to my collar. You can watch
everything I do, and see who I’m with.”

Everything Dicky did left Cordy stumped.

There was no question she had been overprotective of him and used everything safety measure she
could. Dicky wouldn’t use those devices whenever he was perfectly safe, since he was already ten;
Cordy should care about his privacy and refrain from pushing him since he was reluctant to carry those

Naturally, she was surprised he was so willing to put everything on himself. Stopping him now would
make her personal prejudice obvious.

“Can I go now, Mommy?” Dicky asked her expectantly, since she had been silent for a while.

“Alright.” Cordy finally nodded, albeit reluctantly.

“Thanks, Mommy!” Dicky could hardly hide his joy.

“Don’t go for too long. Come back soon.”

“Okay!” Dicky agreed to it right away.

“No more than two hours-“

Dicky left before Cordy could finish, and she felt like the son she had raised with great care was being
stolen away right under her nose.

Still, she wasn’t idling after Dicky left. She had a lot of work on her hands since she rushed to the
capital, and was soon engrossed in it.

When she was done, she realized that the afternoon was almost over, and it was long past two hours.

Was Dicky not intending to come back? It was almost time for dinner!

She promptly whipped out her phone to call his phone, but he wasn’t answering…

Getting a little worried, Cordy didn’t hesitate to turn on the micro camera app on her phone.

That was when she saw it.

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