A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 785

Cora was surprised by the question posed by her mother to her uncle.

What relationship was she talking about?

It didn’t sound like Nancy was referring to their past familial bond…

Cora did a double take at the thought.

No way! Was Jay in love with Zoe?!

“That’s my personal life. You need not meddle,” Jay retorted coolly.

“I’m your sister, Jay!” Nancy was livid. “Everyone else in the family is gone, and there’s just a few of us
left. If we don’t stick with each other, we’ll scatter.”

“Sticking together isn’t dependent on meddling with each other’s lives. Caring is plenty enough.”

“So you’re saying that I’m prying?” Nancy growled. “Do you think I’d care about you if my father didn’t
tell me to take care of you before he died? You know how upstanding I am, and how hard it was to
convince myself to accept you! It was hard for me to set aside a portion of the family fortune for you!”

“But I don’t need a cent of the family fortune,” Jay replied determinedly. “I won’t show up ever again if
you really find my status unacceptable.”

“Jay Parker! Are you really giving up on your family because of Zoe York?!” Nancy snapped, attributing
all of Jay’s indifference to Zoe.

“It has nothing to do with her. I just didn’t want you to put yourself through so much trouble.”

“I know very well what you’re thinking, but I won’t argue with you right now. But I’ll make it very clear, I
won’t accept you marrying Zoe! You can have any other woman you want, even someone from modest
roots-l’d even sponsor your wedding lavishly and make it grand, as long as it isn’t her!”

“Then I shall repeat myself: I don’t need anyone meddling in my personal life.” Jay’s response was
equally staunch.

Beside them, Cora was dumbstruck-she had never seen Jay act this cold, even at the studio.

Her mother was obviously being nice to Jay and was earnest about it, treating him like they were actual
siblings as if Jay wasn’t adopted.

Shouldn’t Jay be grateful?

Was he that willing to make enemies of her mother, all for his infatuation with Zoe York?

Unable to stand the confrontation just then, she said, “Uncle Jay, you should try to understand my
mother’s perspective. Zoe’s past is a little unusual…”

“Yes, your mother was a victim, but did it ever cross her mind that Zoe was too?!” Jay retorted, starting
to lose himself a little. “Was she really at fault? Why should she

suffer for it?!”

“So you’re still blaming me for being too harsh on her?!” Nancy bellowed at him. “You thought I was
wrong from the start! That I should forgive her; that selfish mom of hers and her despicable father!”

“No. You deserve to hate anyone, but not Zoe,” Jay argued, not backing down at all. “You’re the one
who raised her, and she loved you as much as you had loved her. Did it cross your mind how miserable
she was when you went all out to hurt her?!”

Nancy was left dumbstruck by Jay, but after a while, she snapped, “So you’re saying she deserves to
take everything from my own daughter?”

“Even if she did, she wasn’t willing-you forced everything on her! Forget not giving her anything, you
even took everything from her and with interest. Have you any idea how selfish your behavior was?!”

Jay’s words left Nancy furious and humiliated. Unable to refute him, she ended up screaming, “Jay

“U-Uncle Jay,” Cora quickly stopped him. “Please stop fighting! Mom just had a checkup at the hospital
a few days ago since her health has been deteriorating. The doctor insisted she mustn’t stress herself-“

“I’m leaving.”

Jay simply rose to his feet, walking very quickly on his cane.

Cora wanted to stop him. “Uncle Jay…”

Nonetheless, a glowering Nancy snapped, “Don’t bother!”

Cora was a little flustered-she never expected that her mother and uncle would argue this violently!

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