A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 780

How did Jay get up so early?

He really was operating like an elderly person would…

“Sorry, I fell asleep without noticing,” Zoe apologized. In a sense, she was also saying she didn’t want
to stay there.

“I know,” Jay replied. “Your clothes have been cleaned, and I’ve already taken them out. It’s on the
couch beside you.”

“I’ll get changed right away,” Zoe said. She promptly picked up her clothes and headed into the main
bathroom, where she found even her underwear stacked neatly on her clothes

She decided to ignore it, and started to leave after changing.

Their group was on break today—they all got drunk last night, and after a hellish week of rehearsals,
they would all be sleeping in and resting to get themselves sorted on their break.

Zoe was planning to go home and sleep the entire day too, but Jay called out to her just as she
stepped out of the bathroom.


“Is there something else?’

“Yeah. Have some breakfast before you go.”

“I’ll pass.”

“It’s ready…”

“I don’t have any appetite.”

“Not eating breakfast is bad for your stomach.”

“I’ll eat when I get home.”

“It’s ready anyway. Just come and have some,” Jay insisted.

Zoe stared at him, not quite remembering when the last time he spoke at length like this.

“Thanks for your help yesterday,” he said.

So it was just a gesture of gratitude for yesterday?

But that was fine. This way, they wouldn’t owe each other anything.

She didn’t reject him anymore, and walked towards the dining table to find a simple breakfast: toast,
milk and eggs.

“I don’t know how to cook…” Jay explained.

“I’m not a picky eater,” Zoe replied.

Jay simply smiled-he certainly knew, since they had grown up together.

Zoe also realized that she had answered too quickly.

There was no way she could trick him; she had a feeling that his smile was one of ridicule.

“I mean, I’m not picky these days,” she corrected herself.

“That’s good,” Jay replied.

They started eating quietly, and the doorbell rang halfway through.

“It’s probably the cleaner,” Jay replied, reaching for his cane.

“I’ll open the door,” Zoe offered. She put down her toast and walked straight for the door.

She didn’t check the door monitor since Jay said it was the maid, and opened the door right away. >

“Uncle Jay…”

Cora’s elated exclamation faded away when she saw Zoe, who stared at her awkwardly in turn.

To make things even worse, Bob was standing right beside Cora.

It was an exceedingly embarrassing scene.

Jay noticed something was strange, and limped over on his crutch to see Cora and Bob standing at the

Heading over, he greeted them, “What are you guys doing here?”

Cora quickly came to her senses while Bob turned away, though the emotions in his eyes remained for
a while.

“We’ve been calling you for a while, but your phone was turned off, so we came to find you,” Cora
explained. “Why did you turn off your phone?”

“I don’t know where I left it after getting drunk last night. Might have dropped it in the toilet,” Jay said.
Then he asked,

“So? Why are you here?”

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