A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1363

“You just think that friends are as materialistic as you imagined because you have none,” Sam retorted.
“All my friends are for life, and they would go to great lengths for me if I’m really in trouble.”

“Hah!” Ryan snorted. “Fair-weather friends, more like.”

“I have no reason to explain myself to you.” Sam shrugged and turned to Marvin. “Just rest, Dad. Leave
Saunderia to me and Quinn—I’ll tell you if I can’t resolve the issue.”

Marvin was hesitant, but considering that Sam was actually going to work, and John might help… It
might be no crisis at all.

He nodded. “Alright. I’m leaving it to you and Quinn.”

Ryan was left staring at Marvin in disbelief, but he could not say what was on his mind just then either.
After all, he did not want to work in his father’s stead-the consequences would only be unimaginable if
he failed. If anything, he simply could not accept that their father would really put his faith in Sam.

Pursing his lips, Ryan said, “Let’s hope that you can surprise us.”

Sam said nothing in turn-they all left soon since there was a time limit on ICU visitations.

Lindsay returned to the ward where Marvin would stay once his condition stabilized, whereas Ryan
excused himself, saying that something urgent came up at his unit in the capital.

With that, the family went their separate ways as Sam and Quinn headed to the Saunderia

In the car, however, Sam was restless.

“Calm down. You’re just going to work-they’re not going to kill you,” Quinn assured him, presuming that
he was afraid of going to work.

He never liked to do any work or attend meetings before.

“I’m not afraid of them-they are all my lackeys,” Sam shrugged nonchalantly. “I’m just… concerned.”

“Why?” Quinn asked, curious.

“I’m the board chairman’s son, and I have a reputation to maintain,” Sam growled. “How many people
would be laughing behind my back if they saw my black eye?”

Quinn could not help giggling right then, which left him bristling. “See?! Even you are finding this

Why did he even agree to go to work?! He could just let John handle everything!

The thought of his face… Oh, the shame!

“No, I just think you’re more mature now,” Quinn said earnestly then.

As Sam looked at her, she continued, “I never thought the day would come when you’d go to work and
help your

father. I’m really seeing you in a new light.”

“Don’t put me on a pedestal. It’d be a slap to my own face if I mess up,” Sam grumbled. “Just pretend
I’m going on a trip.”

Quinn certainly knew that was not the case.

When it came to Sam, he would never say a word if he did not care about something.

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