A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 772

Zoe frowned. When did she ever point out someone on television and tell Yelena exactly who her father

“I’ll show you, Mommy.” Yelena gave up on explaining, feeling the urgency to take her mommy to see
her daddy.

Zoe was being pulled along by the girl, almost taken into the men’s room. Before things could escalate,
she hurriedly scooped Yelena up in her arms. “Yelena, sweetie, girls don’t go into the men’s room.”

“But Daddy’s inside…”

“You don’t have a daddy,* Zoe explained feebly as she carried Yelena away.

“Everyone in the kindergarten has a daddy. Why not me?” Yelena asked.

“…You had one. He just died early,” Zoe lied.

“But I just saw him!” Yelena furrowed her little brows, looking a little angry.

Zoe said nothing, and brought Yelena back to her highchair. She simply considered it a sudden fantasy
of Yelena’s, since a three-year old would occasionally have her head in the clouds.

Even so, Yelena refused to let it go.

Seeing that her mommy doubted her, she told her grandma loudly, ’ Grandma, I just saw Daddy.”

Clara did a double take. “You daddy?!”

What daddy?!

She herself had no idea who exactly Yelena’s daddy was, yet Yelena did?!

She turned towards Zoe, who remained nonchalant. “Let her be. She’s just spouting nonsense.”

Yelena got a little upset at that. ’No, I’m not! I’ll take you toDaddy if you don’t believe me.”

And with that, she climbed off her chair and pulled Zoe along to see her daddy.

Zoe didn’t want to do it, but she couldn’t stop Yelena’s resolve either.

They only managed to walk two paces when Zoe spotted Jay. She immediately turned around.

Wait, is this where the crew was gathering tonight?

Why not a better restaurant? This place was just a little too comfortable for a gathering of business


Zoe promptly clasped her hand over Yelena’s mouth before her daughter could finish, who in turn
puffed her little cheeks in annoyance.

She promptly steered Yelena away, so that they went back the way they came.

Jay noticed a familiar figure, but saw nothing when he actually turned in that direction.

Was he losing concentration from a lack of rest?

Still, he shrugged and limped on his cane to one of the private rooms. Meanwhile, Zoe quickly carried
Yelena back to their table, having survived a close heart attack.

She couldn’t begin to imagine the horrors that would ensue if Yelena actually called Jay ‘Daddy out

“What’s wrong?” Clara saw the terrible look on Zoe’s face.

Zoe came to her senses and quickly released Yelena, who had become more upset. “Why did you stop
me calling Daddy?”

“Because he’s not your daddy.”

“But he is!” Yelena said confidently. “You said he is.”

“When did I ever?!* Zoe cried, deeply agitated. She would keep that secret to the grave, even if it killed

“You told me before!”

“When?!” Zoe demanded, honestly unable to remember anything.

“That, that day…” The three year-old had trouble being logical and was getting agitated by the second,
which only made her even less coherent.” You pointed at the TV and said he’s Daddy, and a

Zoe was left speechless again.

How could Yelena remember everything she shouldn’t with such perfect clarity?!

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