A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 769

After she was done with work, Zoe swiftly removed her makeup.

Today was Yelena’s third birthday, and she had promised to celebrate it with Yelena.

Thankfully, filming began in the afternoon and it ended at night.

Although it was slightly late, she would not miss the appointment.

“Congratulations, Zoe!” Candice said, “I didn’t think that you’d rank third in this round. I was still worried
that the role was so minor that you might be forgotten. Indeed, there are no lousy roles, only lousy

“Congratulations to you too for coming out second. You really deserve it.’ Zoe congratulated Candice

“Are you in a rush?” Candice saw Zoe hurriedly packing her things and asked. “I was talking about
celebrating our win last night with Director Parker and thanking him with a meal.”

“Tonight? I can’t make it tonight, I already have an appointment.’ Zoe rejected Candice without a
second thought.

“You really can’t go?”

“I really can’t.’

“Who are you meeting that’s so important?’ Candice could not understand.

Why would Zoe give up on such a golden opportunity to get close to the judge?

Of course, Candice was not insisting on Zoe going. In fact, if Zoe was not around, she would have one
less competitor vying for Director Parker’s attention.

But women were always curious.

“The most important person to me in this whole world.” The corners of Zoe’s lips lifted.

Candice was stunned.

Although Zoe was usually friendly and easy-going, she was not a very smiley person.

At that moment, Candice could sense her joy so clearly.

“Your boyfriend?” Candice guessed.



“Don’t guess anymore, none of the above is right.” Zoe was finally done with removing her makeup,
and she said, “Have fun tonight.”

She grabbed her bag and left.


Was it a sugar daddy?!

Zoe suddenly zoomed to third place when she had been ranked quite poorly previously.

It was hard to believe that she did not do anything underhanded.

The fact that Zoe left without any regard for Jay made Candice think that her sugar daddy might be
someone to be reckoned with in the industry.

Zoe left the TV station in a hurry.

Just when she walked out of the doors, she saw a familiar car waiting outside.

She had sat in it a few times after returning to North City.

She pretended not to see it.

Suddenly, the car stopped right in front of her. The windows were lowered and she saw Jay’s cold yet
handsome face. 1

“Let’s go,” Jay said.

He probably thought that she would join them for the meal.

“I have something on tonight and can’t join the gathering,” Zoe explained.

Jay’s brows furrowed.

“I’m sorry, Director Parker. I really have something on. Have fun tonight,’ Zoe apologized.

She did not dare to offend him, after all.

No matter what Jay truly thought, Zoe would still respect whoever she should show respect to.

Jay did not say anything further. He simply raised the window and instructed the driver to drive off.

She felt that Jay did not look very pleased.

Forget it.

No one was more important than Yelena.

She had to do what she had to do.

It was now the peak hour on the roads. Zoe finally managed to hail a taxi and headed straight to the
high-class restaurant she had reserved.

From afar, she could see Clara and Yelena seated at the table waiting for her.

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