A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 770

Yelena sported a bob and baby fat remained on her adorable face. Her eyes were large and round and
her skin was fair. She was bound to grow up as a beauty.

She slumped over the table listlessly, her face splat on the tablecloth.

Of course, Zoe knew that Yelena was like that because she was late. Yelena was angry and

She hastened her footsteps and walked toward Yelena.

“Mommy!” The moment Yelena saw Zoe, her posture transformed completely.

Her entire demeanor brightened up, and even her eyes shone in the night.

She reached out her stumpy little arms and hugged Zoe as best as she could. “Mommy, you’re finally

“I’m sorry for being late.”

“It’s all right,” Yelena said forgivingly in her sweet voice. “Granny said that although it is my birthday
today, it was also a very difficult day for Mommy. Mommy gave birth to me on that day and suffered
much pain. So we’ll celebrate my birthday today, as well as what Mommy did.”

Zoe felt warmth creep up her heart at Yelena’s words.

She could not help but kiss Yelena on her cheeks and hug her back tightly.

She sat on Yelena’s chair and picked up the menu on the table, asking casually, “Have you ordered?”

Her tone toward Clara was significantly colder.

“Not yet. Yelena insisted on waiting for you before we ordered as she didn’t want the food to go cold,”
Clara explained.

“Silly Yelena. You can order first and tell the restaurant to serve it later as you wait for Mommy,” Zoe
said dotingly.

“I’m not silly! I just want to wait for Mommy to come so that you can order what you like,” Yelena
rebutted her very seriously.

Once again, Zoe felt that warmth in her heart again.

She kissed Yelena once more. “You truly are my sweet darling.”

“Of course I am!” Yelena said proudly.

The smile on Clara’s face deepened as she looked at them.

Over the years, no matter how Zoe treated her, she felt content seeing how happy Zoe was now.

“What do you want to eat?” Zoe asked Clara after ordering her and Yelena’s portions.

“I’m good with anything,” Clara said immediately. “I seldom come to places like this and don’t really

Previously, after leaving North City, she seldom went to high-end restaurants although her finances
were in good condition. Nevertheless, they never failed to celebrate important days such as Yelena’s
birthday or the new year by having a meal at such restaurants. It was just that each time she went,
Clara would be very reserved.

Zoe did not ask any further. Instead, she ordered a dish that Clara liked.

Having lived together for three years, how could she possibly remain distant and not know what Clara
liked to eat?

After ordering the dishes, Zoe handed the menu to the waiter and asked Yelena, ‘Have you washed
your hands?”

“Not yet.”

“I’ll bring you to wash your hands.”


Zoe brought Yelena to the washroom.

After Zoe carried Yelena over and washed her hands, she said to Yelena,” Wait here for Mommy. Don’t
go anywhere. I need to use the toilet.’

In order to rush here to celebrate Yelena’s birthday, she did not get a chance to use the washroom.


“Be good and don’t walk around,” Zoe reminded her again.

It was not very risky in a high-end restaurant, but after being a mother, Zoe found herself being more
naggy and worrisome.

“I will.” Yelena nodded once more.

Zoe turned around and entered a stall while Yelena waited for her outside the door. 1

She began to feel bored and started to walk to the door, watching people walking across the

Her eyes suddenly lit up.

She yelled out loud, “Daddy!”

Jay looked left and right.

There was no one else around aside from him.

Was that little girl standing at the door calling him?!

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