A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1361

The next morning, Lindsay called to say that Marvin had woken up, but Sam was absolutely refusing to
go to the hospital.

For one, he woke up with his eye swollen and even blacker, which was very amusing.

Secondly, he did not want to see Ryan ever again.

Still, Quinn dragged him to the hospital anyway—they were family and were only going to run into each
other inevitably.

Marvin appeared enfeebled in the ICU, and the doctor said that he needed time to recover.

However, he seemed worried about work and pestered Lindsay to call in his assistant Peter.

Lindsay naturally refused. “You should be resting, dear. The doctor said that you’re really sick, so get
some proper rest. Don’t worry about anything.”

“I’m not. I just want to know about the company’s situation-’

“If you’re not worried, then you don’t have to know,” Lindsay told him. ’ Don’t worry, the company would
still run itself even without you. Quit worrying, you know your health matters.”


“Dad,” Ryan spoked up, unable to keep watching just then. “You shouldn’t worry about the company in
your state. What if the same thing happens again if you overworked yourself? You’d be squandering
your health as well. How could that be good?”

Marving became a little upset just then. “You don’t get it. The company won’t be running if I’m not
around to worry.”

“Why not? There are so many people working there—they won’t miss you. Whatever you say, I’ll never
let you leave. Just stay and rest,’ Ryan said firmly.

“But I can’t rest at ease if the company’s situation isn’t resolved…”

“You have to put your mind at ease if you must. Either way, I’m not letting you work now,” Ryan said

“Who’s going to do it if I don’t?!” Marvin cried, getting so agitated that the monitors attached to him
started beeping.

“Stop it, Ryan,” Lindsay chided him just then.

Ryan appeared exasperated and said, “He’s not going to recover if you let him stay like this.”

“As long as the company’s issue isn’t resolved, he’d keep worrying even if I tried to stop him,” Lindsay

“So you’re letting him worry himself sick? Who’s going to take responsibility for what happens?!” Ryan

“I know my body. Quite bothering your mother,” Marvin snapped angrily.

Ryan clearly had more to say when Quinn suddenly spoke, “Calm down, Mr. Saunders. I can help with
the company.’

“Not yet,” Marvin said, suddenly calmer as he was always kind toward Quinn.

As for his two sons… The eldest might be accomplished, but there was no question that he never
contributed anything to the family business.

Naturally, the second contributed even less.

That was why he never held out much hope on either of them-it was only Quinn who always stayed by
his side, helping with the company.

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