A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 763

After Jean left, Lucas returned to the ward, where Nana was alone inside.

She had chased away her entire dedicated medical team.

A bright smile broke across her face the moment she saw Lucas return.

She looked worlds apart from the woman who was wild with emotions earlier in the day.

“Lucas, you’re back,” she enthused.

Her voice sounded high-pitched, as if she was trying to be coquettish to him.

She seemed as though she had completely forgotten about their fight.

“Are you upset?” Nana asked cautiously upon seeing the cold, hard look on his face.


“Did my grandma tell you off?”

“No.” Lucas did not want to share more.

Nana was unsure when it started, but she could sense that Lucas had changed.

He had become contradictory in nature.

“My grandma isn’t wicked.” Nana immediately tried to speak up for her grandmother. “She’s just too
concerned about me. Don’t take it to heart, for whatever she does is for our good. Lucas, don’t be mad,

“I’m not mad.’

He really was not.

It was absolutely reasonable for Jean to think for her granddaughter, even if her tone was overly harsh.
He could understand where she was coming from.

He himself used to take these matters regarding Nana into consideration as well.

He always felt that given her weak health, she needed more care and protection.

But now…

What was happening now?

Was it really because of Cordy?

Lucas’ chest tightened.

The sudden panic creeping up his heart made him fear facing up to his true feelings.

“Then are you still mad at me for maligning Cordy?” Nana asked again.

This time, she directly admitted her mistake.

Lucas looked at her.

Nana’s eyes turned red and she said with embarrassment, “I’m sorry, Lucas. I was too emotional today,
so I did something that I can’t believe I did. Cordy didn’t push me, I fell on the floor with the aim of
framing her. I was too scared of losing you and I was so blinded at that moment that I did something
detestable. I was wrong.”

“It’s all over,” Lucas said mildly.

He was sure that Cordy would not mind either.

She would not care about people who were not important to her anyway.

“I have no idea why I became like that just now. Now that I think about it, I feel so wicked and horrid.
After I recover, I will surely pay Cordy a visit and apologize to her in person,” Nana said in a flurry, as if
she truly found her behavior unacceptable.

“There’s no need for that,’ Lucas said to Nana. “As long as you don’t pick on her, she won’t take
something so minor to heart.”

“Cordy is truly magnanimous. You really appreciate her character, don’t you?” Nana said rather sullenly.

Lucas looked at her.

“Don’t overthink things. I’m not blaming you. I just think from the bottom of my heart that Cordy is really
a good person. In order to make me believe that she really doesn’t fancy you, she deliberately said so
much to paint herself in such a bad light. I was the one who misunderstood her,’ Nana cried in remorse.

“All right, it’s all over. The doctor said that your condition has just stabilized and you need rest. You
shouldn’t be so emotional, so let’s not keep harping on unhappy things.’ Lucas comforted her patiently.

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