A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 768

Many people in the audience were moved to tears.

The judges gave their comments after their performance ended.

As usual, Hailey Zimmerman was the first one to speak, and she did so in her typical solemn manner.
“Under Director Parker’s guidance, I see a marked improvement in everyone’s performance. Your team
was in a mess previously, but your teamwork shone through this performance and it moved me.”

All the actors were so elated hearing Hailey’s comments that they bowed profusely in gratitude.

Hailey went on, ‘Amid the excellent condition that everyone was in, some of you really surprised me. Of
course, it’s not to say that the rest were not good, but it’s just that these few stood out, such as Candice
and Shanice who have improved by leaps and bounds. Continue to work hard.”

“Thank you, Ms. Zimmerman,” Candice and Shanice expressed their gratitude for having their hard
work recognized.

“Everyone else did great, too. Keep up the good work.” Hailey rounded off with some pleasantries.

Zoe heaved a sigh of relief.

Finally, she was not on the receiving end of Hailey’s scolding, although Hailey did not commend her.

Two other judges gave their comments, and they were equally impressed by this team.

When it was Jay’s turn, he unabashedly expressed his approval of everyone in the team, and ended off
saying, “Zoe York performed very well today. I hope to see something even better next time.”

He stated it so matter-of-factly, as if it was just a casual remark.

“Yes, I will work hard.” Zoe bowed and thanked him.

After all four teams were done with their performances, Jay’s team ended up scoring the highest and
everyone in the team progressed to the next stage.

The competition drew to a close and the results of audience voting for the solo acts were announced.

The moment the results were announced, everyone was shocked.

Nobody expected to see Zoe rank third.

She did not believe it herself when she saw the screen, as she did not have many scenes.

She could not deny that she had done well in this competition. Her role was minor but there were
ample highlight points. But the audience did not have such incisive judgment as professionals in the
field do and they would tend to be attracted by the plot. It would be difficult for them to judge acting
skills in such a short drama.

But this competition helped her fame and popularity to skyrocket.

The moment she realized that she did not need to worry about being the last in rank nor fear that
people thought she used underhanded means to stay so long in the competition, her eyes turned red.

She did not know if she was happy or moved to tears.

Moved to tears by her pure, hard work.

She bowed to the audience.

She used to love this stage, but she had never treasured it so deeply as she did at this moment, where
she truly felt appreciated and recognized by the audience.

Everything had been smooth-sailing for her in the past.

Now that she had lost everything, she knew how beautiful it was to have anything at all.

Her eyes shifted to the panel of judges.

She merely wanted to see the look on Hailey’s face.

After all, Hailey had been making things difficult for her right from the start.

Yet, the moment she glanced over, the first person she saw was Jay.

She did not used to think of Jay as very handsome. Perhaps because she had seen her fill of good-
looking people in the industry, or perhaps because John Levine was too extraordinarily handsome, she
had never seriously thought of Jay as good-looking.

Until now.

Despite being surrounded by celebrities and actors on stage, he still stood out to her.

He never failed to capture her attention with just one look.

At that moment, she seemed to notice the corner of Jay’s lips lift.

The look on his face mesmerized her.

She did not know if that smile on his face was because he was happy for her, or that he was happy his
team emerged first and all the members progressed to the next round.

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