A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1360

Sam saw it but averted his eyes.

Still, Quinn repressed the grief within her and said, “I just want to say that it’s alright if you don’t want to
do it now…”

Maybe he had his reasons, or perhaps he really did not love her that much… But as long as he was not
in love with another woman, she could slowly build a relationship with him.

“Just don’t push me away,” she finished and watched as he stubbornly turned away so that he did not
have to look at her.

Even so, she gingerly asked, “We can take it slow and gradually accept each other, okay?”

She was really afraid that he would say no-he never cared how others felt since he was a child and
always did what he wanted.

He would never prostrate himself, just as he would never hold back.

That was why Quinn bit her lip nervously.

She had no idea why she yearned so much to be with Sam right now, and she had no idea if it began
when he was jailed because of her.

All she knew was that since then, she began to change her opinion of Sam gradually. And now, the
more she looked at him, the more accepting she was toward him and the more she desired to be with

Perhaps it was love, and she did not dare admit it before because it felt weird—why would she fall for
him for no reason?

She certainly could not put a finger on it. Sam obviously did not change or treat her any nicer, but
before she realized it, her affection from her was entrenched all the way to the bottom of her heart.

‘TH take it as a yes if you keep quiet,” she said then.

Sam stayed silent, and she smiled. “I’m going now. Get some sleep, and try to cut down on smoking.”

With that, she turned, and Sam suddenly called out to her. “Quinn.”

Her heart skipped a beat and started racing, as if fearful that she would hear something she did not
want to.

Her whole body was stiff from nerves until he asked her, “You don’t love Ryan anymore?”

“No,” Quinn answered without hesitation.

Sam’s fingers twitched, while Quinn continued, “I told him as much him that it’s over between us for a
long time now, and in front of your mother too.”

“Why?” Sam asked.

Quinn thought about it. “No reason. I just suddenly don’t love him anymore.”

Sam pursed his lips-she was clearly throwing his words back at him.

Quinn smiled in turn. “I’m not two-timing, and I’d never use anyone like a tool to satisfy a petty grudge-
l’ve really given up on him. It was clearly not meant to be when he left me at the altar.”

Sam could not help clenching his fist, obviously feeling something about that.

“Of course, I won’t blame him-l couldn’t after I got the truth, but that’s probably how fate works when it’s
just never going to happen,” Quinn finished.

“Don’t you think it’s a waste? You and Ryan deserve each other,” Sam said, restraint clear in his voice.

“What’s wasteful about it? People have to keep going on, don’t they? Bygones will be bygones, and
there’s no traveling to the past, right?”

Quinn’s words were filled with relief because she had really moved on.

‘Tm going now.” She smiled, not wanting to pressure Sam.

She might love him now, but that did not mean he would love her back.

She should give him time.

Once Quinn left, however, Sam could not restrain himself any longer—he was clenching his fist and
shaking uncontrollably.

He never dared imagine that Quinn would fall out of love with Ryan…

He only ever wished for it once in his life-back when he wrote that wish on the tree.

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