A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1352

Quinn had never asked the Saunders for anything, nor was she ambitious.

In fact, she was always worried that she would cause trouble for others.

And yet, here Ryan was accusing her of doing just that.

She certainly had no idea what she did wrong!

Still, she calmly asked, “How did I cause you trouble, Ryan?”

“You don’t know?!” Ryan snorted impatiently. “Sam has really been a bad influence on you over the
years, Quinn.”

“What did I do?!” Quinn demanded slowly and clearly, taking a stand right then.

“Everything you’re doing now. It’s all just a display of your dissatisfaction at me for leaving you at the
altar,” Ryan said bluntly. “That’s why you’re cold-shouldering me so I’ll

comfort you.”

Quinn realized with a start then that patience had never been Ryan’s strong suit.

Even as a child, Ryan’s only priority was to study, and he loved it because it was proper. To give him
the space to focus, no one would disturb him whenever he announced that he was studying. It was only
after he was done that he would even begin to think of anything else.

On the other hand, Quinn had always been disciplined and obedient. She would never bother Ryan
while he was studying. Now that she thought about it, he was not exactly kind to her, just as he was not

considerate of her feelings or cared enough to cheer her up. She just did not know how to cause him
trouble back then.

In fact, if she had any dissatisfaction, it would only be conveyed when Ryan was not busy. He did not
need to comfort her that much either, since she would have composed herself by then.

With that in mind, Quinn suddenly smiled-now that she realized all that, she really no longer held on to
the past.

As such, she told him, “I don’t need your comfort, Ryan.”

“Why do you still keep saying that-“

“I’m being serious. I used to like you because I thought you were gentle and understanding unlike Sam,
who always bullied me and made me cry. But now, I’m convinced that my feelings for you are no
different from how a younger sister admires her brother and relies on him. To describe it as love… it’s
no more than an idealization of those feelings.”

Ryan glowered. “What are you talking about?!”

Nonetheless, Quinn continued, “That is why instead of saying that I loved you, it is more appropriate to
say that I wanted a safe harbor. In the end, my parents were gone, and I needed comfort in an
unfamiliar environment-you gave me that back then, which was why I wanted to be with you. Now,
however, that warmth is gone, and so has my reliance toward you. Right now, I’d rather stay with Sam,
because what I feel toward him is love-“

“Quinn!” Ryan cut her short.

Despite his seething rage, Quinn remained composed. She used to give him her best and was always
on her best behavior doing everything he said because she was worried that he would get upset.

And now, she seemed to suddenly be free from that shackle —she should not live so prudently,
shackled by Ryan’s expectations in fear that she would disappoint him.

“If you keep behaving like this, then there’s no future for us,” Ryan growled slowly and clearly just then.

“There never was,” Quinn retorted. “When our wedding fell through, it was clear it wasn’t meant to be-“

“So you still believe that it’s my fault for leaving you? Is that why you’re still upset and punishing me this
way?!” Ryan bellowed. “After all, you still can’t get over the fact that I left you?! But what do you want
me to do?! Am I supposed to bind myself to childish ideals of relationship?! To give up on the big
picture for something measly like you?!”

Quinn pursed her lips, suddenly feeling tired for once-tired of arguing with Ryan.

He had always positioned himself above the rest ever since a child, so that everyone would think him
noble, that he was on another level beyond their reach…

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