A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1351

Quinn stared at Ryan in confusion. “Why would you talk to your parents?”

“Don’t you know?” he asked in return.

Quinn scowled right then. “I don’t know what you’re getting at.”

Disappointment showed in Ryan’s eyes right then. “When did you become so stubborn, Quinn? You
used to be kind and understanding.”

Quinn pursed her lips-she thought then that Ryan had changed too.

In the past, he would never have put her in an awkward situation. In fact, he would prioritize her
feelings, cheer her up if she was down, and certainly not hurt her with words.

“Look, it’s my fault I abandoned you, but I’ve told you I had no choice but to leave you at the altar. I
thought you’d understand, but you’d still get petty with me over it.” Ryan sighed then. “You’ve changed
so much, Quinn.”

Quinn bit her lip as she listened to Ryan’s accusations toward her.

She certainly could admit that she bore a grudge from being dumped, since anyone in her place would.
However, she never did anything drastic-she simply quietly endured her misery and worked hard to
make a life for herself.

Then, when she understood Ryan’s troubles, she chose to forgive him.

She earnestly never hated anyone-she simply held no expectations for a relationship with Ryan
anymore. When one misses out on things like that, one misses out on it forever, even if it is neither

parties’ fault. It was quite simply what one would describe as ‘not meant to be’.

And now, she was doing her best to live a life for herself and to build a relationship with Sam and spend
the rest of her life with him.

That was why she did not understand why Ryan would criticize her like this—what did she do to make
him think she changed and that she had disappointed him?

“Look, once my father wakes up, I’ll tell him and my mother to have Sam divorce you, and then I’ll
marry you,” Ryan said bluntly right then. “You know that I’m a busy man, so I really can’t spare the
effort to placate your little dissatisfaction. I hope you can understand me, and don’t cause more trouble
for me, alright?!”

‘Cause him trouble?!’

Quinn laughed in both amusement and misery.

She had always lived prudently and obediently because she was living under someone else’s roof,
constantly keeping herself as inconspicuous as possible.

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