A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1355

Lindsay stayed silent for a long while as she stared at Ryan.

He was certainly a good boy in everyone else’s mind, never once causing them worry ever since he
was a child-always hard working and striving to do his best.

On the other hand, they had to scold Sam ever since he was a kid. It was always a mystery how
another child from the same parents could never excel like Ryan.

But now, she was at a loss.

Had they idealized Ryan so much that even a slight flaw seemed unacceptable?

Nonetheless, she said, “Ryan, you should stop trying to force Quinn to come back to you.”

Ryan’s soft gaze turned sharp right then, and he glared at Lindsay incredulously. “What are you talking
about, Mom?! How is this forcing?! Don’t you know that Quinn has always loved me?! I would’ve
married her that day if my hand wasn’t forced!”

“What’s passed has passed…”

“Which is why I wanted to correct that mistake,” Ryan growled indignantly.

Lindsay sighed. “I said it has passed-l didn’t say it was a mistake. Quinn and Sam’s marriage is reality,
and they’ll slowly make progress for the better. We should be giving

them our blessing instead of trying to force them apart like you are.”

“Why are you siding with him too?!” Ryan glared icily at Lindsay.

Lindsay actually felt like she did not know Ryan just then- he was certainly a far cry from the gentle boy
he was.

Was it because he had long since left them?

Nonetheless, she said, “I’m not siding with anyone. Right now, I just at the altar.”

“How much do I have to explain to you people that I really had no choice-“

“It doesn’t matter,” Lindsay said bluntly. “What’s done is done. Yes, you have ambition and you’re doing
something noble, and we’re all proud of you. However, you can’t abandon everything for the sake of
your ambitions and make Quinn pay the price. Moreover, you left without a word, and she almost
ended up a laughing stock in North City because of you.” i

She was trying to get Ryan to realize he had gone astray.

In fact, she used to think Quinn loved Ryan too. Everytime Ryan mentioned that he wanted to get back
with Quinn, she felt repulsed since it was undignified to have two brothers fight over one woman.
However, considering that Quinn and Sam’s marriage never worked out, and Ryan loved Quinn so
much, she did not say a word so as to not cause further chaos.

Even so, everything had become clear to her after she listened to Quinn’s conversation with Ryan.

Quinn’s words were not spoken out of spite. Lindsay herself watched Quinn grow from a child-Quinn
was always kind and would never do anything to hurt others.

Even so, what Quinn said was her genuine thoughts.

It had been years since Ryan left her, and to her, it was not meant to be.

And now, she was working hard to make her marriage with Sam work and to build a little family.

That is why Ryan should not meddle right now.

Even so, Ryan growled coldly and finally gave up on caring as he said what was on his mind for years.

“No. She and I would’ve been fine if you and Dad didn’t force her to marry Sam!”

Lindsay was left staring at Ryan. “Do you hate me for that?”

“No, I don’t,” Ryan retorted, his tone remaining staunch as ever. “But I really think you and Dad
shouldn’t have pushed her to marry someone she doesn’t love for the sake of dignity. You ruined her
happiness-that’s much worse than being single.”

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