A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1349

With those words, Sam turned to leave.

Quinn quickly tried to follow, but Ryan firmly held her in place. “Don’t!”

Forced to watch as Sam left, Quinn gritted her teeth and wheeled on Ryan. “Let me go!”

Ryan was clearly furious too. “You’ll get hurt if you get close to him now!”

“Yes, but he’s my husband and I should be with him whatever happens,” Quinn retorted determinedly.
“Let me go!

“When did you become so stubborn?!” Ryan frowned, his tone clearly upset.

“Quinn,” Lindsay called out to her just then.

Quinn’s agitation finally eased slightly, and she turned toward Lindsay.

She had returned to her bed, looking enfeebled and there were clear tear stains on her cheeks. “Ryan’s
right—it’s dangerous to be around Sam right now. Let him calm down before going to him.”

“Exactly-he’s not calm right now. I’m worried he’ll do something-“

“He’s fine!” Ryan snapped, cutting her short. “He always causes trouble for everyone anyway! It’s never
changed ever since we were children!”

“You really should stop it with that attitude, Ryan. You’re his brother,” Quinn argued for Sam’s sake,
having had enough just then.

Ryan did a double take, stunned that Quinn would snap at him.

She was always on his side before… but she was now siding with Sam?! But he was not worthy of her
—not one bit!

Quinn shook her wrist. “Let me go. I need to find Sam.”

Doing so only made Ryan clench on her wrist so firmly it hurt her.

“Ow…” She gasped, and it was only then that Ryan realized what was happening and let her go.

He became flustered to see the tears in her eyes, stunned that he would hurt her.

However, he had definitely thought of breaking her wrist when she insisted on going to Sam-he
surprised himself that he would think that!

“I’m sorry, Quinn,” he quickly apologized. “I didn’t mean to hurt you-l’m just really worried Sam would
hurt you.’

“No, he wouldn’t-“

“Even my mom says so! Why can’t you believe us?!” Ryan bellowed right then. “You know him better
than we do.”

“Quinn,” Lindsay spoke again. “Just listen to Ryan. Sam really needs time to himself and calm down.”

Seeing Quinn pursing her lips, she added, “I need company here too.”

“Okay,” Quinn gave in and sat by Lindsay’s bed.

Quinn could certainly tell that Lindsay was hurting-her husband was in ICU, while her sons just had a
huge fight. And Lindsay had always been good to her, taking care of her like she was Lindsay’s
daughter ever since she was a child.

“You should sleep. I’ll wake you if there’s any developments with Mr. Saunders,” Quinn assured her

Lindsay nodded, fatigue showing all over her face after a long day.

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