A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 760

“Nana kept accusing me of seducing you…”

“I didn’t. I just, I just hope that the two of you can stay away from one another. Lucas, you also
promised to keep your distance from her, but last night…l really find it difficult to accept, which is why I
came looking for Cordy to thrash things out,” Nana said indignantly.

“Let’s put it this way: I am seducing you. All those accidental and planned meetings between us were
all my doing. Last night’s accident was also something I planned. Dicky asking to stay behind was also
something I’d deliberately told him to say.” Cordy decided to go all out and pretend to be the bad guy.

Why would she bother trying to be the good guy?

It was tough and never ended well for her.

Perhaps being thoroughly wicked was the way to go.

People would always tend to shun bad guys too.

Cordy’s words made Richard furrow his brows.

He did not really like hearing her say that of herself, but he knew that it was rude for children to
interrupt when adults were talking.

He bit his lip and kept silent.

“Nana exposed me just now and I pushed her down in a fit of anger,” Cordy said frankly. “Now, I no
longer want to put on an act. I fancy Lucas, and all I want to do is to snatch him away from Nana…”

“Stop it, Cordy.” Lucas cut her off.

Cordy shrugged. She looked at Lucas and said in all seriousness, “Now that everything’s out in the
open, I’d like to ask you one question, Lucas. Are you going to break up with Nana and be with me, or
are you going to turn me down?”

Nana’s body stiffened.

She probably did not expect Cordy to be so aggressive.

How could she be so bold as to show her cards?

This woman… was not to be trifled with.

With eyes filled with tears, Nana looked deeply at Lucas, who did not respond for a long time.

“Lucas?” Nana called out to him, unable to bear the silence any longer.

Lucas swallowed past his constricted throat and said frankly, “Stop spouting nonsense, Cordy. I know
you have no feelings for me.”

Although he often said that Cordy had feelings for him, he knew clearly that Cordy felt nothing for him.

In fact, he might even say that she detested him.

Therefore, he was very clear that Cordy did not do anything to Nana today.

Cordy had no reason to push Nana.

Nana heard Lucas’ response and displeasure filled her heart.

Even though his tone was firm and he did not look like he was lying, Nana could tell that Lucas did not
directly answer Cordy’s question.

He merely stated that Cordy did not like him.

What about him?

Did he like Cordy?!

Viciousness flashed past the depths of Nana’s eyes.

“You know that, but Nana refuses to believe that,” Cordy said with a forced smile.

Nana said weakly, “I’m sorry, Cordy. I just find you so beautiful, and no man would be able to resist your
beauty. I was just… I was just jealous of you…”

“I don’t want to know and I don’t care about what you really think. But don’t provoke me, Nana Lynd. If
really provoked, I’m certainly capable of things that you might regret for life.”

With that, Cordy left with Richard by her side.

This time round, Nana did not stop Cordy from leaving even though she was greatly displeased with
what Cordy said.

She turned around to look at Lucas, and she saw how Lucas’ eyes were fixed on Cordy’s retreating

A look of viciousness glinted in her eyes once more.

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