A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 759

“To be even more direct, if you hadn’t told me to keep my distance from Lucas, I wouldn’t have left last
night and the accident last night wouldn’t have happened!” Cordy said slightly harshly. On one hand,
she was not very happy to be misunderstood that way, while on the other, she really did not want to
deal with Nana anymore.

“How smart.” Nana’s smile turned colder. “You even managed to push all the blame to me! Cordy
Sachs, I can really see why you’re like a fish in water in the business circle.’

“Forget it if you don’t believe me.” Cordy did not want to explain any further.

She had said everything she could.

Cordy held Richard’s hand and left.

Nana ran ahead and blocked Cordy’s way, and Cordy furrowed her brows.

“Cordy Sachs, I said earlier that there are many women who fancy Lucas. Out of so many women,
none of them succeeded in seducing Lucas. Do you really think Lucas is so composed and
disinterested in other women? No, it’s because of me,” Nana said coldly.

“I’m not interested to know about both of your affairs.’

“No one can snatch Lucas away from me!” Nana said emphatically, “No matter how beautiful and adept
you are at seducing men, you’ll never beat me!’

Cordy stared at Nana.

At that moment, she felt that Nana must have a screw loose.

“Nana Lynd, this is the last time I’m saying this. I do not like Lucas, and I’ve never even thought about
snatching him away from you. But if you continue slandering me like this, I don’t mind turning your
delusion into reality,” Cordy said coldly.

“Are you threatening me?” Nana raised her brows.

“That’s right,” Cordy said unabashedly. “If you know me, you’ll understand that I am a vindictive
woman. Just check on my past and you’ll see, if you don’t believe me.”

With that, Cordy held Richard by his hand and left.

At that moment, Nana suddenly collapsed on the floor.

Before Cordy could react, she heard an anxious voice yelling, “Nana!”

She then saw Lucas rushing toward them in a wheelchair in a panic.

Cordy looked on indifferently.

It was such a low level tactic. She thought Nana would have something more sophisticated up her

“Nana.” Lucas reached out to help Nana up.

Nana’s face went pale as she stood up shakily.

The moment she stood up, she hurriedly said, “Lucas, don’t blame Cordy. She didn’t do it on purpose.”

Cordy laughed.


She found it hilarious.

She turned around to look at Lucas.

By right, Lucas should have raged at her, but he did not.

To her surprise, he did not.

He simply glanced at her and then back at Nana. He asked, “Are you hurt? Do you feel any discomfort
in your chest?”

“No.” Nana shook her head and repeated herself, “Lucas, please don’t blame Cordy. She didn’t do it on

“I did it on purpose.” Cordy cut Nana off.

Nana’s eyes shifted.

She probably did not expect Cordy to say that.

What she had expected was for Cordy to deny her claims, and she would then keep speaking up for
Cordy. That would make Lucas detest Cordy but in turn show Nana more care.

Lucas turned his attention back to Cordy once again.

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