A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 758

A tinge of anger could be heard from her voice.

It was understandable-any woman would get angry under such circumstances.

Cordy glanced at Lucas, who then said, “Last night, I went to the hotel and bumped into Cordy.
Coincidentally, a motorcycle went out of control at the hotel entrance and drove straight into the hotel. I
stood in front of Cordy and Dicky and got injured. Cordy sent me to the hospital as a way of thanking

“Why does she need to be with you in the ward?” Nana questioned. It’s enough for her to send you to
the hospital. Why does she need to stay with you the entire night?”

“I was the one who wanted to stay. It has nothing to do with my mommy,” Richard suddenly spoke up.

Nana turned to look at him.

“I just thought that Lucas might feel lonely being alone in the hospital with no one familiar, so I insisted
on staying back. My mommy was worried about me staying in the hospital by myself, so she decided to
stay along with me,” Richard explained.

“It’s exactly as Dicky said.” Cordy echoed Richard’s explanation. “Now that you’re here, Dicky and I can

Nana bit her lips, the look on her face slightly hostile.

Cordy did not bother explaining herself further.

Under such circumstances, it was more suitable for Lucas to be the one to do the explaining.

Outsiders butting in would only deepen the misunderstanding.

Cordy then got changed and left the ward along with Richard.

Richard clearly could not bear to leave, as he turned back to glance at Lucas.

He looked on at Lucas and Nana together…

‘One day, he would regret it.’

They left the ward.

Along the corridor, Cordy heard someone calling out to her.

“Cordy Sachs.” It was Nana.

Nana had previously addressed Cordy by her first name, but now, Nana called Cordy by her full name.

Cordy stopped in her tracks.

Richard looked defensively at Nana.

“You previously promised me that you would keep your distance from Lucas, but last night, you slept
with him in the same room. That’s something I’ve never done with Lucas myself…”

“Nothing happened between Lucas and I.” Cordy cut Nana’s agitated exclamation off. “I’ve already
explained to you about what happened last night. If you want something more, you should be looking
for Lucas and not me.’

“I just saw Lucas’ jacket on the bed you were sleeping in.”

Cordy suddenly found it difficult to clear her name.

“Cordy Sachs, you fancy Lucas, don’t you?” Nana did not want to speak in riddles anymore. She
confronted Cordy in a firm and slightly pushy voice.

It was completely different from the usual innocent, vulnerable image she usually portrayed.

“I don’t.”

“Don’t lie to me. Who wouldn’t fancy Lucas? He’s so outstanding.”

“That’s what you think.”

“Many women fancy him, and I’ve met many of such women. You’re just one of them.” Nana refused to
hear Cordy out.

“I repeat myself: I don’t fancy him. The only reason why I stayed back to take care of him is only
because he was injured because of me…”

“It was on purpose, wasn’t it?” Nana sneered. “A deliberate tactic to get close to Lucas! Cordy, I’ve
seen this game played countless times, with all kinds of women doing all sorts of things to seduce
Lucas. I have to admit that you’re the most successful of the lot of them. At the very least, Lucas pays
attention to you.”

If it were not because of the blood ties they share, Cordy almost could not be bothered to explain
herself to Nana.

She was sure that Nana was obsessed with Lucas!

Cordy said with patience in her voice, “The reason why the accident happened and why I was saved by
Lucas is that when I realized we were going to stay in the same hotel, I wanted to leave the hotel with
Richard with the aim of keeping my distance. Yet, when I walked out of the hotel entrance, a
motorcycle lost control and came charging at us. That was when Lucas stepped forward.”

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