A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 756

“Shall I give Maron a call to prove to you what I said is true?” Cordy deliberately offered.

“No! I’m tired!” Lucas struggled to turn around with his back facing Cordy.

Cordy smiled.


The night was finally silent, and everyone fell asleep until the sun rose.

Cordy did not know if it was because she had not had a good sleep for too long or because of Lucas’
shirt, but she slept very soundly through the night.

She did not even wake up when a medical staff member came for his rounds.

Richard, on the other hand, woke up very early.

He got out of bed quietly and even reminded the medical staff member to be quiet lest they woke his
mommy up.

The staff member was naturally more cautious around the patients in the VIP rooms, and he walked
around very quietly and carefully.

Lucas was fatigued as well.

He slept too late last night.

After the medical staff member was done with the routine checks, Lucas fell back asleep once more.

Richard was the only one awake in the ward, and he quietly enjoyed the breakfast prepared by the
hospital while busying himself with online coding on his phone.

Amid the silence in the ward, the door was suddenly pushed open.

Richard looked up to see who it was.

He thought it was the care worker.

He had secretly asked the care worker to leave yesterday.

How could Daddy and Mommy grow closer with the care worker around?

Just when he was about to open his mouth to ask the care worker to leave, the person charged toward
Lucas with an anxious look on her face and redness in her eyes. “Lucas! What happened to you?!”

Lucas opened his eyes blearily and saw Nana right in front of him.

Nana hugged him tight, refusing to let go.

She was so afraid to lose him.

She buried her face in his embrace and sobbed.

Cordy furrowed her brows.

To be honest, she really wanted to sleep a while longer, as she had not slept so well in ages.

But the sobs coming from Nana woke her up.

She opened her eyes in a daze and saw Nana wrapped around Lucas like a koala bear.

“Why are you here?” Lucas pushed Nana away gently and asked.

The moment he pushed her away, huge drops of tears fell down Nana’s cheek.

Lucas’ heart softened and he wiped her tears away as he explained, “Don’t cry. It was just a small
accident and my right leg bone is slightly broken. The doctor said that it’ll be fine after around three to
five months of rest.”

“Do you know how worried I was? How could you be so careless?” Nana reproved him, “How could I
survive if something untoward happened to you?!”

“Nothing untoward happened to me,” Lucas comforted her in a gentle voice.

“Why didn’t you tell me immediately when the accident happened?” Nana said huffily as she wiped the
tears on her face.

“It happened quite late last night and I didn’t want to interrupt your sleep, so I decided not to tell you.
Your health is not exactly in good condition and I didn’t want you running around in the middle of the
night,” Lucas explained before asking, “How did you find out that I was in the hospital?”

“One of my friends mentioned it, saying that you were hit by a motorcycle outside a hotel entrance. I
called you on your phone but you didn’t pick up the call, so I asked my grandmother to find out which
hospital you were in,” Nana replied naturally.

“Your friend?” Lucas’ brows furrowed. “Didn’t you tell me that you don’t have friends in the capital?”

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