A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 754

Although he did lose his memory three years ago, his past life and his life as he knew it now completely
corresponded to each other. There was no reason for him to doubt it.

He turned to the other side.

He flipped and flopped on the bed, unable to fall asleep.

Richard’s words suddenly surfaced in his mind again, asking him if he was afraid of not knowing how to
deal with his emotions right now.

Lucas buried himself under the sheets again.

He realized that he was indeed struggling with it!

He must stop thinking about this.

He was sure he would be possessed at the rate he was overthinking.

Meanwhile, Cordy could sense that the person next to her in the room was on the brink of collapse.

Wasn’t it just an awkward moment?

Did he have to be so affected?

It was almost three in the morning, yet he was still awake.

Although she admitted that it was rather embarrassing, she did not think that Lucas was so emotionally
vulnerable that he could be affected to the point of losing sleep the entire night.

Of course, Cordy was not so kind-hearted as to go over and offer him some comfort.

He would not care for it anyway.

People like him would rather force himself up a dead end than reveal his vulnerabilities to others.

With a sudden urge to go to the washroom, Cordy got out of bed very cautiously.

She really should not have had such a huge cup of water before bed-she could not hold it in any longer.

Of course, Lucas saw Cordy get out of bed.

‘What is this woman doing awake in the middle of the night?!

‘She was not the one caught in an awkward moment!’

He suddenly recalled that Cordy suffered from insomnia.

Was she unable to fall asleep as well?

Lucas pursed his lips.

He should not be caring about this woman, yet he did not know why he just could not hold himself back
from doing so.

In fact, the more he forced himself to be indifferent about her, the more his efforts backfired on him and
the more he noticed her every move. The fact that she was still awake made him feel anxious.

What exactly was going on with Cordy?!

Cordy then returned from the washroom, walking on tiptoes and keeping silent as much as she could.

“Cordy Sachs,” Lucas suddenly called out.

Cordy jumped in fright.

Did he not know that his sudden call in the middle of the quiet night was capable of frightening
someone to death?!

“Why are you still awake?!” Cordy said irritably in hushed tones.

Anger boiled in Lucas’ chest.

His kind intentions all went to waste on this woman.

“My clothes are on the couch,” he said through gritted teeth.

Why could he not be more indifferent toward Cordy?

Cordy was stunned for a moment.

She had initially felt furious, but now, she no longer had any reason to be angry.

She knew what Lucas was talking about.

She had told Lucas before that smelling the scent on him helped her sleep, and Lucas was telling her
that she could take his clothes.

Cordy pursed her lips and her heart leapt.

She had never thought of asking Lucas for help.

Perhaps because of Nana or because she never got along with Lucas, she did not want to beg him for

But now, Lucas was taking the initiative to help her.

It gave her mixed feelings.

“Don’t overthink things, Cordy. I just don’t want you walking around in the middle of the night and
affecting my sleep quality,” Lucas said pridefully.” But let me remind you that this shirt is a limited-edited
piece from a top- class designer, and you can’t buy it even if you have the money! Be careful when
hugging it to sleep-don’t crumple it, drool on it, or make disgusting expressions while lying on it. I’m
afraid it’ll leave me traumatized when wearing the shirt.”

Feelings of gratitude in her heart immediately dissipated.

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