A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 751

The air seemed to turn warmer, and they could almost hear each other’s heartbeats in the silence.

Cordy had no idea why her heart started beating faster.

Wasn’t she just taking care of a patient?

Wasn’t he just a patient with a slightly better physique?

She tried her best not to let her bare hands come into contact with Lucas’ body.

After wiping his torso, she went on to wipe his legs.

After a long while, Cordy was finally done.

She looked up and saw Lucas’ face which was slightly flushed.

Right from the start, she focused on her hand movements and put aside all distractions. She did not
expect to see the embarrassed look on Lucas’ face as he laid down and let her wipe him down.

Cordy was stunned for a moment.

Was he pretending to be innocent or…

Her eyes shifted awkwardly, and she looked everywhere except at him.

She said, “I’m done wiping you down. I’m sure you don’t need me to wipe certain areas, right?!”

Lucas’ face flushed a deeper red.

He did not know why he suddenly felt so warm inside. He had never felt like this before. Although he
had never let any woman draw so near to him, he would never react like this, with a quickened
heartbeat and flushed face and ears.

His world was turning topsy-turvy after meeting Cordy!

“Don’t even think about it!” Lucas bit out.

Cordy tutted in disdain.

She then handed the towel over to Lucas. “Hurry up.*

She turned around to give Lucas privacy.

Lucas quickly wiped himself down. “I’m done.”

Cordy turned around slowly.

She was truly afraid to see things that she should not.

But she clearly would not even have a chance to.

Lucas had already wrapped himself up tight, refusing to let her have another peek of his body, i

He allowed her to wipe his body, yet he did not want her to see his body.

She could not believe him.

Cordy did not take the towel that Lucas wiped himself with. Instead, she told him to throw it into the
warm water bucket, which she then brought to the washroom. She then picked it up gingerly with the
tips of her fingers and threw it into the trash can.

She was disgusted with it.

She carefully cleaned her hands with soap and water before returning to the ward and sleeping next to

Children could really sleep very well.

Richard had fallen asleep again.

The corners of his lips were lifted in a smile. He was clearly in a good mood.

At night, things fell quiet again.

Lucas had felt sleepy earlier, yet now, he was unable to fall asleep.

His face felt warmer and his body felt even warmer.

‘That d*mn Cordy.’

His idea of wiping himself down was supposed to make him feel more comfortable, yet he was now in
greater discomfort.

Even his breathing became faster.

Lucas took a couple of deep breaths to calm himself down.

His repeated deep breathing attracted Cordy’s attention.

“What’s wrong with you?” Cordy asked.

“Nothing,” Lucas denied hastily.

It felt like he had a guilty conscience.

“What exactly is wrong?” The more he said it was nothing, the more it made Cordy suspicious.

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