A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 750

After she confirmed that he had put on his pants, she opened the door and walked in.

Lucas was standing motionlessly in front of the toilet bowl in the washroom.

He might have learned his lesson from his fall just now, so he did not dare to move impulsively now.

Cordy gave him a hand, and he then leaned onto her without a tinge of embarrassment.

He made use of her righteously.

She then helped him into the wheelchair and pushed him into the ward.

After exhausting herself again, she managed to help him to bed, and she was about to return to her
bed to rest.

However, Lucas stopped her out of the blue and called out, “Cordy.”

“Is there anything else?”

“I suddenly feel like wiping my body.”

Cordy was at a loss for words. She wanted to ensure that she had not heard him wrongly.

“You and Dicky smell so good from your bath, but I smell like nothing but sweat. I feel so
uncomfortable, but I can’t shower. Can’t I wipe my body too?’ Lucas became displeased by her stare,
so he increased his voice.

“Can you lower your voice? Dicky needs to sleep,” Cordy said while holding her anger back.

“I want to wipe my body clean. I feel ill at ease.” Lucas lowered his voice, but he did not want to
compromise at all.

“Let me call the care worker over for you.”

There were two rooms in the WIP ward. There was still one room outside, and the care worker slept on
the sofa.

She did not call the care worker over just now because she felt that she could do it. It was so late now,
so she did not disturb the care worker’s rest.

Now this kind of affair was not something she could do, and Lucas did not refuse either.

So, Cordy walked out of the room but found that the care worker was not around.

It was so strange. It was in the middle of the night. Where did the care worker go?

She did not have the care worker’s contact number either.

After that, she gritted her teeth and returned to the ward.

However, Lucas had started to take off his hospital gown.

“If I say the care worker isn’t around, can you wipe your body clean on your own?” Cordy questioned.

Consequently, Lucas knitted his brows.

He had taken off his clothes, but she asked him not to wipe his body clean.

Could he sleep if he did not wipe his body clean?

He yearned to shower now.

He compromised by just wiping his body clean. Couldn’t he have that too?

“The care worker isn’t around,” Cordy said frankly as she met his gaze, while Lucas behaved as if he
was looking at an idiot.

“How is that possible?” Lucas asked. “I didn’t ask him to leave.”

“He’s not there. Why don’t you take a look yourself?” Cordy could not be bothered to explain.

“Why don’t you do it for me?” Lucas raised his brows.

Well, he was acting out of spite.

Cordy accepted her fate. “Okay.”

Lucas was stunned for a while because he never expected her to agree to it.

It was considered kindness if she did not scold him given her character.

But she agreed to it swiftly, and she was not joking.

Lucas watched as she walked into the bathroom and came out with a pail of hot water before long.

So, he put away what he wanted to say.

It was hard to see her so nice…


When did he find it hard to refuse her initiative?

Meanwhile, Cordy did not care about his feelings at all.

To her, it was just like attending to a patient.

Besides, the patient saved her life.

She wrung the hot towel dry before she started helping him to wipe his body.

As a result, he pursed his lips tightly, and his heartbeat inexplicably quickened.

He disliked being too close to anyone. He even found it repulsive.

The first reason why he never slept with Nana was because of her physical condition. Her heart was
not strong. Of course, the doctor said that it was possible as long as it was not too vigorous. But to him,
it was the best respect for her to sleep with her after their marriage given her physical condition.

On the other hand, he did not have any thoughts that were too impulsive.

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