A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 743

When Cordy heard Richard’s voice, she immediately regained her wits.

Her instinct made her exhaust all her strength, so she knew that she must have hurt Richard with her
tight embrace.

She let go of Richard.

When Richard came out of Cordy’s arms and turned around, his expression changed drastically.

He screamed in fear.

On the other hand, Cordy’s heart skipped a beat.

The sudden pain filled her with suffocation at that instant.

She abruptly turned around and saw Lucas who had collapsed on the ground.

At that moment, the motorcycle that had lost control fell to the ground, and the driver fell to the side too.
On the other hand, Lucas was crushed by the motorcycle.

“Mister, are you okay?”

The security guard immediately went to him.

Some people also gathered around.

Someone said, “It was so dangerous just now. If it wasn’t for this man who stepped forward all of a
sudden and turned the motorcycle around, countless people might be hit and hurt.”

“It’s so frightening! Why did it lose control to this extent? It even crashed into the hotel.”

“The driver seems to be drunk…”

Cordy had already rushed into the crowd and squatted beside Lucas.

Richard also looked at him nervously beside them.

Blood could be seen under Lucas’ body, and he showed a painful expression.

“Lucas?” Cordy called after him carefully.

Her inward terror deepened infinitely.

She did not know why she was so frightened.

Fear was not the only emotion she had, for she was filled with grief too.

It was a heart-wrenching pain.

“I won’t die.” Lucas opened his eyes with difficulty.

However, his voice was shaky.

But he did not admit to his weakness.

That character… Cordy suddenly found it quite familiar.

She did not dwell on it for long before she immediately turned toward the security guard. “Did you call
the ambulance?”

“Yes, I did. It’ll get here soon.”

“Hurry up and move the motorcycle away from his body,” Cordy ordered.

A group of security guards immediately stepped forward and moved the motorcycle weighing a few
hundred pounds away from Lucas’ body.

“How are you feeling? Can you move your legs? Can you feel them?” Cordy leaned toward Lucas.

Consequently, Lucas gritted his teeth.

He was in so much pain now, but she asked him to move.

Did she want him to die?

Luckily, the ambulance arrived at that time.

The paramedics carried him into the ambulance, and Cordy also got into the ambulance with Richard
without any hesitation.

After pondering over it for a while in the ambulance, Cordy asked, “Should I call Nana?”

“No, please don’t.” Lucas stopped her.

Cordy frowned.

“I don’t want her to worry. Her body is not strong enough,” Lucas explained.

So, Cordy did not force him.

After all, it was between him and his girlfriend.

After they arrived at the hospital, Lucas was rushed to the emergency room.

Both Cordy and Richard remained in the corridor with slight anxiety.

“Mommy.” After all, Richard was only ten years old, so he could not hide his feelings. He questioned,
“Mommy, Lucas will be fine, right? He won’t become a lame person just like Uncle, will he?”

“No, he won’t,” Cordy hurriedly said.

However, she was still worried since his legs were crushed by such a heavy motorcycle.

So, she did not dare to imagine the consequences.

She also did not know why he wanted to save her.

Didn’t he hate her?

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