A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 739

Zoe stayed silent, though she was already cursing Jay in her head.

She was planning to get Arthur completely drunk, but what he said cut off his escape.

Nonetheless, Jay suddenly said, “Mr. Rubio, you don’t mind me leaving with Zoe, right?’

Both Zoe and Arthur were left taken aback, while Jay explained, “Our group still has rehearsals
tomorrow, and Zoe’s performance would be affected if she gets drunk. In fact, every member of my
group would be leaving with me… I’m sure there’s no issue with that?’

Zoe quietly composed herself, since she was getting agitated.

It was fortunate that Jay was taking everyone with him instead of her alone -there would be a lot of
explaining to do otherwise.

“But isn’t this too early? It’s not even ten,” Arthur quickly said. ’Young people normally sleep at midnight
these days.”

“They will be in bad shape when they wake up the next day. Unlike other professions, thespians easily
get swollen faces, and that would affect their performance on stage.’

“It’s just a rehearsal, not the actual competition…”

“The stage deserves respect.” Jay was staunch.

Unable to win the argument, Arthur tried to compromise. “Alright, you can leave with your group, and
remember to give the executives a head’s up before you do. As for Zoe, I can take her home alone.”

“Why Zoe alone?” Jay asked bluntly.

Everyone in showbiz undoubtedly had a tacit understanding, and Jay’s attitude naturally left Arthur
annoyed. “Mr. Parker, every person has their own personal affairs. Or should I report everything to

“Not in the future, no-but I hold myself responsible for every thespian in my group,” Jay said firmly. “I’ll
protect them from all injustices, and I’m sure you know what I’m getting at, Mr. Rubio.”

The scowl on Arthur’s face could almost be seen despite the dimly lit room, while Jay rose to his feet
and threatened Zoe, “Ms. Zimmerman had been cautioning you extensively about your attitude, but if
you insist on going down that path, I have no choice but to give up as well. I’ve always been fair, and I
refuse to accept any group members who try to cut corners, n

His words left Zoe embarrassed, but even as she bit her lip in turn, she was afraid to argue with so
many others watching.

Even Arthur could feel Jay’s rage.

The production committee had gone through great lengths to invite the man to their variety show, and
Jay’s popularity stood on top of all others in the first episode, far above all the thespians and even the
pilot’s guest Cora Levine. Furthermore, Arthur would never dare fight Jay directly considering the man’s
status in showbiz.

“Oh, you misunderstand, Mr. Parker,’ he quickly said. “I just asked Zoe to say because she’s such a
good drinker, and I wanted her with me to entertain the executives. Most of them are gone anyway, and
since you value your group so much, I shan’t keep them. Go on, Zoe-you should be leaving with Mr.
Parker and the others.”

Zoe actually looked at Arthur as if she was reluctant to leave just then.

But she was an actress-it was necessary for her to feign any expression in an instant.

“Don’t disappoint Mr. Parker now,” Arthur added sarcastically.

“Yes, Mr. Rubio.” She nodded tamely and left with Jay along with the rest of their group.

Some were just starting to have fun and were disappointed to be dragged off out of the blue.

Naturally, they would never rebel against Jay, and they all tamely left the nightclub.

At the entrance, Jay said sternly, “I’ll arrange for transport for everyone, but don’t think about staying or
returning. I won’t be lenient to anyone who doesn’t go straight home to get some proper rest and ruins
tomorrow’s rehearsals for everyone instead.”

Everyone quickly nodded. “Yes, Mr. Parker.”

Zoe had the feeling that Jay’s threat was somehow aimed at her.

Soon, Jay had his assistant arranged for transport while he also gave three thespians a ride in his own

Zoe was one of them.

She wanted to follow another car with the other group members, but her apartment was not in a
convenient location.

As such, Jay first sent the other thespians home before sending her to her apartment.

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