A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 738

Zoe cut Jay short right then. “Forget it—none of that actually matters now. It’s the distant past and I
couldn’t care less. But understand this: I didn’t come back to make you feel guilty or win your sympathy.
In fact, I would’ve rather not shown up around you at all, because all I want is to properly live my life.
So, please stay away from me.”

Zoe shook his hand off as hard as she could.

Jay had to stand while leaning on a cane, and her shove left him stumbling a couple steps backward.

By the next second, she already stormed off without so much as looking back.

Jay’s fingers clenched, but he stayed silent.

When Zoe returned to the couch, Arthur was clearly getting a little impatient.

Other thespians were sitting next to him, having come to toast him, so Zoe sat near the edge.

After Arthur was done socializing with them, she finally returned to her seat.

“What took you so long?” he growled.

“Just ran into Mr. Parker, and we had a little chat.’ Zoe casually came up with an excuse.

“Oh, you ladies all love Jay Parker, don’t you?” Arthur scoffed. “Well, what’s not to like? He’s handsome
and talented… while men like me hardly catch anyone’s eye.”

“You’re kidding, Mr. Rubio. Your reputation in showbiz is legendary countless ladies flock to you.’

“Including you?’ Arthur asked, leering at Zoe amorously as he dispensed with covers after getting too

“Of course,’ Zoe replied, pouring him another drink.

As Arthur took the glass for her, he deliberately held his hand.

Zoe smiled, humoring him.

Still, just as she was going to pull away and goad him to drink, she noticed a familiar figure striding
toward them.

Before she realized what was happening, Arthur promptly released her and greeted Jay. “Please, sit
with us, Mr. Parker.’

Jay sat between Arthur and Zoe, with Zoe shifting aside since Jay’s leg was brushing against hers.

“Am I interrupting?’ Jay asked.

“No, of course not! Come on, join us,” Arthur quickly said. “Zoe? Do pour Mr. Parker a drink.”

“Sure,” Zoe said, rising to her feet and pouring both Arthur and Jay a drink.

Arthur then told her, “Oh, drink with us too, Zoe. Aren’t you going to toast Mr. Parker since he came all
the way to join us?”

Zoe poured herself a glass and said, “Here’s to your health, Mr. Rubio, Mr. Parker.”

With those words, she chugged it whole.

“Oh, and she was saying she can’t drink. She really is marvelous, isn’t she?’ Arthur praised her as he
chugged his glass as well.

Jay naturally followed suit.

Arthur then said, “Zoe, you should offer Mr. Parker a personal toast. If he didn’t go out of his way to
keep you that last round, you wouldn’t be sitting here with us.”

Zoe did not say no since there was no denying that Jay saved her.

She just could not find an opportunity to repay him, and this was just the right timing to say thanks.

She hence poured herself a full glass and then a mostly full glass for Jay.

“Thank you for your affirmation, Mr. Parker,” she said and chugged her glass.

Jay stared at her for a moment and chugged his glass as well.

“Oh, one’s definitely not enough,” Arthus said then. ‘This grace is worth at least five glasses—”

“That’s enough,” Jay suddenly said, putting his hand on Zoe’s as she reached for the bottle again.

Zoe promptly pulled her hand out of his grasp, leaving his fingers twitching.

Regardless, he said evenly, “There’s still rehearsals tomorrow. Don’t get too drunk.”

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