A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 737

Zoe headed into the washroom, every fiber of her being aggravated.

She looked at her reflection in the mirror, which had not much in the way of makeup or jewelry.

She did not like putting on makeup personally since she spent so much time on stage with thick
makeup, and she therefore preferred a clear face.

To be honest, she had no idea why Arthur was interested in her—she was neither the prettiest nor the
most talkative thespian present.

Could it be because she had no influence?

Zoe splashed her face with cold water then.

She knew all too well that if she spurned Arthur’s advances, she would be dismissed by the next stage
and had no chance to hope otherwise.

After all, showbiz was a web of influence-one misstep and her career would suffer indefinitely.

But if she did not reject him…

She had a hard time ignoring her conscience.

She never thought she would have to assume this path since she started out in showbiz.

In the past, she had support and she gained confidence from their support, regardless if they actually

But what confidence did she have now?

Zoe was left in a dilemma, convinced that she would regret either choice.

She must have stayed alone in the washroom for half an hour and might have taken up residence there
if not for a knock on the door.

Zoe took a deep breath and opened the door, pausing for a moment when she saw the person standing

However, she started to stride past him…

“I’ll send you home,” Jay called out to her with an edge in his voice that permitted no denial.

“You don’t have to.” Zoe rejected him right away. “You can leave now if you like.”

“Did you forget what happened the day after you got drunk?”

“Don’t worry, I know what to do.’

She tried to leave again, but Jay grabbed her arm again.

She frowned and wheeled on him. “I said I’m not going back!”

She had made up her mind to play Arthur’s game.

Who knew? She just might be able to get him so drunk he could not do anything to her.

One way or the other, she did not have the strength to fight fire with fire.

“Don’t push yourself,” Jay said a little coolly.

“That’s my business. It has nothing to do with you,” Zoe snapped and tried to shake him off, but she
could not.

When did he become so strong?

“I can help you with your concern. Just go home for now,* Jay said slowly and clearly then.

Zoe did a double take-he knew Arthur was putting the moves on her?

She suddenly laughed with much irony. “And how are you going to help?

Are you going to tell Arthur that I won’t play his game, while I end up doing nothing but watch my career
be put on ice again?!”

“Trust me. I can help you keep your showbiz career-“

“Trust you?” Zoe laughed.

"I'll be honest, Jay-I can trust everyone in the world but you.”

Jay scowled, but she continued her icy rant. ’I only find disappointment each time I pin my hopes on
you-tell me, what can I trust you with? We kissed one day, and the next day you’re swapping spit with
another woman! Then, right after we did it, you could just disappear without a trace! Am I a toy to you,
Jay Parker?”


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