A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 734

It was already part eleven. Jay usually should be asleep by now, right?

Still, Zoe quickly replied, along with a bowing emoji: [Okay. Thank you, Mr. Parker.]

Jay did not reply, while Zoe tapped on the file to see that it was an analysis on the character she would

It dissected the character’s personality with far more detail than the original script, and the contents
painted a vivid image. Everything was listed elaborately, down to the instance of when the character
should show which expression.

She read it silently until the last sentence.

[The character is minor, but she still carries weight. Do your best.]

Zoe smiled for some reason—it was really out of character for Jay to write something so cringeworthy.

Maybe an assistant helped with this?

Everyone in the group must have a thorough breakdown like this too, and it would be difficult if Jay’s
group did not win with such detailed script.

Holding the script, Zoe stood before her mirror and played her character several times.

The character seemed to have a different soul now that she had read Jay’s detailed analysis.

Even if her role was minor, said role was still vital in the plot. If she played it well, she would leave an
impression in the audience’s mind.

The next day, having learned her lesson the day before, Zoe did not stay up that long even if she was
not feeling sleepy and was therefore in a totally different state.

As she entered the rehearsal studio, Candice called out to her softly, “Zoe.”

Zoe was surprised that Candice was that early.

She arrived over half an hour early, but most of the other group members had arrived as well.

It seems that they were all taking the competition very seriously.

Still, she and Candice headed to a corner, when Candice could not resist asking, “Where were you the
whole day yesterday, Zoe?’

Zoe wondered how she should answer that.

She could imagine tomorrow’s headlines if she said she had been sleeping the whole day in Jay’s
lounge: [Washed-up actress attempting resurgence by sleeping with famous director!]

“Did Director Parker send you home after a scolding?” Candice asked, seemingly having an idea
seeing that Zoe had trouble answering.

Zoe decided to stay silent and allow Candice to keep her misunderstanding.

It was showbiz-the less problems she had, the better.

“Honestly, it’s so unfair for you,’ Candice huffed, feeling indignant for Zoe’s sake. “We were having our
own group’s rehearsal, but Ms. Zimmerman had to butt in. I mean, Mr. Parker was scowling throughout
the rehearsal after he returned without you. Everyone was scared.”

“So that’s why everyone’s early?’ Zoe asked.

“That’s part of it, I guess. The other is that there’s really a lot to learn from

Mr. Parker, especially when it comes to making up for our lacking as thespians,” Candice said
earnestly. “He knows how everyone should act, and I feel like an initiate even though I’ve been in
showbiz for years.”

“Oh,” Zoe replied indifferently.

“So try not to make a repeat of yesterday. Learn properly from the man, and it’s really going to help us
in the future.”


“By the way, we’ve mostly got the performance down and we’re worried you’ll have a hard time playing
to our flow. Anyway, just be more cautious- Mr. Parker is not as agreeable and mild-mannered as they
say,” Candice told her then.

“True.” Zoe nodded-Jay was never mild-mannered in her mind.

“Anyway, you should familiarize yourself with your character for now,” Candice quickly said.


Zoe took out her script and practiced repeatedly then, just as everyone else in the studio did.

There were those who said that thespians were nutjobs, and it certainly was the case in this room-
everyone appeared to be loonies that were just released from the asylums.

Half an hour later, Jay arrived at the studio, punctual as he always had been.

No thespian was allowed to be late in his rehearsals.

Actually, they were allowed to be late and there would not be any outbursts either… but said thespian’s
scenes would be pushed to the very last sessions of the day.

Jay had always been ruthless that way.

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