A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 727

Once everyone was given their respective scripts, they each sat in a corner to study their assigned
roles, after which they would present their own interpretations to Jay.

Zoe sat at the furthest corner, studying her script seriously, but she was also starting to nod off as she

She swore not to binge on alcohol ever again even if it killed her.

To think that she actually brought Cordy and Quinn to the graveyard last night… Was there anything
she was not capable of while drunk?!

Even as she did her best to stay awake. Candice approached her. “Zoe.”

She would be in the same group for the next stage, and they had grown closer since they worked
together on the last round.

It was also common knowledge that every contestant should stay in cliques, even if it was just for
appearances, despite the competitive nature of his variety show.

Zoe never did, however, because she had not met the rest for that long, and none of the others were
willing to hang out with her. Some were even keeping their distance because she just returned after
vanishing for three years-no one knew what she had been doing or if what she had been doing would
affect them.

For her part, she did not want to make life harder for them. But since it was necessary to keep up
appearances in front of the camera, she was self- conscious enough to stay alone in a corner.

That was why she was surprised that Candice would approach her voluntarily, even offering to study
their roles together.

“Sure,” Zoe replied.

She had no reason to refuse-if she stayed a loner until the end, she would eventually be marginalized.

Showbiz was truly a place where your very breath could get distorted into scandals.

“You don’t look too good.” Candice noticed the look on Zoe’s face.

Zoe did not hide it. “Had a bit too much to drink with some friends last night. I regret everything now.”

“Celebrating?” Candice smiled.

Zoe did a double take, but it really was not a celebration-it was up to fate whether she survived this
variety show, and staving off elimination for one round was not worth celebrating.

“No, it’s just a small gathering with old friends.”

Candice did not press her further and returned to the topic at hand. ‘Your character really doesn’t have
that many lines.’

“Nope,” Zoe replied. “I count eight.”

“How nice. You’ll memorize everything soon enough… here, look at mine,” Candice sighed.

It turned out that Candice’s character was the deuteragonist and given her ability as an actress…

If Zoe were to be honest, she had no idea why Jay would give Candice such an important role, but
Candice probably was left in disbelief herself.

In fact, getting said role would naturally draw the discontent and envy of others. In that respect, he had
no choice but to ‘befriend’ Zoe since Zoe had to keep her head down while also being constantly
painfully aware of her place in the pecking order.

However, Zoe did not offer any words of comfort for Candice’s complaints either-what could a washed-
up actress possibly say to a star?

Right now, she just wanted to hide somewhere and take a nap. When she was being this tired, she had
no idea what performance she could manage.

But she had no place to hide, just as it was too late for her to hide.

She just had to grit her teeth and deal with this.

Over an hour later, Jay gathered everyone for the first enactment.

He did not ask the thespians to memorize their entire script, but just for them to present themselves in
character and get the feeling of what it entailed.

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