A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 726

Lucas wiped away Nana’s tears, saying, “I’m staying with you. Don’t worry over nothing.’

“I don’t want to, but you’ve changed so much. You used to look at me only, but now, you’re always
finding Cordy…” She sobbed even as she grabbed his wrist. “I’m so scared!”

“We’re getting married soon,’ Lucas assured her. “We’ll decide on a date once my parents return, so
stop being paranoid.”

“Actually, I spoke a lot with Cordy just now…” Nana said, staring at him dolefully.

Lucas did not ask any questions, so she continued, “I told her to stay away from you and not to talk to

Lucas blinked.

“Are you upset?” Nana could always sense when his emotions stirred— even a little.


Nana’s hands clenched on his just then. ’Cordy agreed that she won’t reach out to you. I know what I
did was despicable, but I can’t help it. I’m really scared that you’ll be drawn to her because she’s so
beautiful and attractive…”

“She agreed to it. That’s enough,’ Lucas said indifferently.

“Can you promise me that you won’t go to her? Ever?” Nana asked, leveling a look of yearning at him.

“I wont,” Lucas said assuredly.

“Can you not talk to her even if you see her by chance?”


“I’m sorry, Lucas.’ Nana sobbed. ’I didn’t want to dictate your life, and I know there’s nothing between
you and Cordy… But you are both extraordinary people, and I’m worried that you’d be drawn to each
other once you start to spend more time with each other. It’s despicable, but it’s the only way I have to
stop anything from happening between you in the first place. I’m paranoid and petty, but I just don’t
want to risk it. I’m too afraid of losing you.”

Lucas was silent and Nana flashed her sad puppy eyes at him. “You won’t blame me, right?”

“No, I won’t.” Lucas shook his head.

He was instinctively protective of Nana, not to mention that she was right.

If they spent more time with each other and were drawn to each other…

He never thought that the day would come when he would cheat. Even if he did not want to admit it, he
had to admit that Cordy did treat him differently.

“I’ll always be good to you, Lucas. We’ll definitely be happy.” Nana threw herself into Lucas’ arms then.

Lucas embraced her in turn, but there was a distant look in his eyes.

Meanwhile, at North City TV’s studios…

Zoe did not want to yawn, but she could not control herself.

She actually felt like she could fall asleep standing.

She pinched her thigh and worked hard to stay awake.

“I’ve assigned everyone’s roles. Check your scripts,” Jay said, and he had his assistant distribute each
character’s script to everyone. “Of course, there’s differing difficulty in everyone’s role, and more
dialogue isn’t necessarily an advantage since you might be prone to more mistakes that way. And once
there’s a mistake, all the effort you paid backstage would go up in smoke.’ 1

“Yes, Mr. Parker,” everyone in the group answered at once, and they were given their respective

When Zoe was given hers, she skimmed through it and saw that it really was the one with least
dialogue-the role which caught the eye the least.

Still, she never held much hope in Jay since she was already very grateful that he saved her once, and
she would never ask for more.

Moreover, he had always been fair, and given her current place in showbiz as well as her performance
on that pilot stage, there was every reason for her to be given the worst role.

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