A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 723

Finally having had enough, Cordy yelled back at Lucas, “Did I ask you for anything?! Who told you to
come?! I was sleeping here just fine, and I didn’t need you to wake me, let alone yell at me! Even if I’m
being negligent to my son, that’s my own business. What right do you have to care?! You’re not his
father!” i

“Cordy Sachs!” Lucas snarled through his teeth.

Nonetheless, Cordy continued, “Don’t stand there acting like you’re being noble when you’re just going
to emotionally blackmail me! Who do you think you are?! Even if I die here, it has nothing to do with
you! What you did was a violation of my personal privacy, and I can sue you for it!”

Lucas was left absolutely livid, and glaring at Cordy with scarlet eyes while feeling the impulse to
strangle her for an instant.

He had no idea why he would overreact to her. All he knew was that when he passed by, an unknown
sense of terror struck him when he saw that her blood was being drained into the IV bag. He did not
hesitate in that instant to rush inside and summon the nurses to pull the needle out, and he was left
exceedingly furious to see Cordy slowly waking up as if nothing happened.

Could she not at least take care of herself, when she’s almost thirty and a mother at that?! Did she
even have that sense of responsibility she should show as a mother?!

His teeth were gnashing. “You deserved it if you died right then!”

“It’s my own business even if I die and none of yours at all!” Cordy retorted. “Shove your moral
grandstanding, because I couldn’t care less!”

Lucas was glowering, but he suddenly turned and stormed off without hiding his rage at all.

Nana watched as he left, and she turned toward Cordy who appeared equally livid, ultimately staying in
the ward.

The medical staff had arrived just then and was detaching the IV from Cordy’s wrist.

“I’m sorry, Cordy.” Nana suddenly apologized. “Lucas was being very rude.”

“It’s not your fault,” Cordy replied, letting her temper cool right then.

She was always distinct when it comes to assigning blame and would never blame someone else for if
they were innocent. 1

Nonetheless, Nana was staring fixedly at Irene as she continued, “Lucas has never behaved like that
before… for some reason, he just treats you differently.”

“Maybe we’re just naturally incompatible.” Cordy chuckled coolly.

In reality, she had noticed it too-Lucas may have behaved self-absorbed and arrogant toward
everyone, but he never lost his temper toward them easily.

She was the exception.

She honestly had no idea how she had managed to upset him that they were at each other’s throat
each time they met!

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