A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 721

Cordy coughed for a long while before she caught her breath, while Nana quickly explained, “I’m sorry,
but I was just curious… I don’t have many friends because of my health, and I’d like to know more
about relationships between men and women. It’s just-l think my relationship with Lucas is different
from others.”

“It’s fine. I just accidentally choked, it’s nothing,” Cordy told her.

“Then… Can I ask you about you and your boyfriend?” Nana asked.

“What do you want to ask?”

“Like… Have you had sex before?” Nana was embarrassed yet stubborn.

“No… Not yet.”

“But why?” Nana gasped in surprise. “I thought that’s only me and Lucas… I googled about it, and it
says that couples tend to do it after confirming

their relationship, but Lucas seemed to have no intention of doing it. That’s why I thought we had
relationship issues, so I’m surprised you’re the same.”

“I… I had some bad experiences before, and we just confirmed our relationship, so it’s not time for us
yet.” Cordy came up with an excuse.

“But Lucas and I have been dating for two years. Don’t you think we should have done it already?”
Nana asked seriously.

That should certainly be the case now that society was more open-minded. Once emotions ran high,
going fourth base was only natural.

That was especially the case for Lucas and Nana since they were raised in more liberal countries, and
yet it seemed that they were both virgins.

Maybe Lucas had… issues?

Cordy actually thought it was really possible, until she remembered a certain morning in her mansion…

“Are you blushing, Cordy?” Nana asked, studying her seriously just then.

“Eh? Oh!” Cordy felt her cheeks burning, and explained while feeling a little guilty, “No, it’s probably just
the fever.”

“I think your condition is more serious than Lucas’. His fever mostly subsided after getting IV
transfusion,” Nana said, but she soon asked, “Do you think there’s some issue between me and

“Maybe he’s afraid of hurting you because of your health. That’s why he’s restraining himself.”

Cordy believed that to be the most reasonable explanation, considering Nana’s heart condition.

Sexual intercourse-especially the first instance-might affect the heart, which was why Lucas stopped
himself so that nothing bad happened to Nana.

“Really?” Nana was beaming right then. “I thought Lucas didn’t love me.”

“Don’t worry,” Cordy assured her. “If a man loves a woman, he would never want to hurt her.”

“Okay, I’m relieved now that you told me that,” Nana replied. “We’re getting married soon, so I’m sure
he’ll do it afterward. The doctors said that my heart is now mostly normal, and there won’t be any
issues if we don’t overdo it.”

Cordy nodded in agreement.

“You’re amazing, Cordy. Thanks for enlightening me, or I might be constantly overanalyzing it,” Nana
said earnestly.

“Not really. I’m just stating facts.” “Yeah,” Nana nodded tamely. “I won’t impose now. I’ll go check on
Lucas, but just call me if you need anything. I’ll come over.”


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