A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 718

There was only suffocating silence on the journey until they arrived at Cordy’s mansion.

She had just alighted when the car sped off right then.

She just wanted to offer a polite word of gratitude in return-even if it was a bumpy ride, there was no
doubt that Lucas bailed her out and brought her home.

She was just about to turn and leave when she realized Lucas’ coat was still on her.

It was fine, since she could sleep better with his scent.

Patients could not be choosers.

The next day, Zoe texted their chat group: [I wish I was dead. Anyone up yet?]

Cordy, who was suffering from a head-splitting headache, replied: [Yeah.]

She put a hand on her forehead and noticed that she was slightly feverish, so she made a mental note
to take some cold medicine as she got out of bed.

On the other hand, Zoe was already on the subway heading to the studio fortheir rehearsal early in the

She thought she could die just as she woke up.

Still, she asked Quinn: [What about you? @Quinn]

Quinn was not replying, however, and Zoe joked: [The one who keeps losing sleep is sleeping like a
log, huh?]

Then, she asked Cordy: [What are you doing waking this early? You’re the boss, so sleep in. You’re not
a worker like me.]

Cordy certainly did not need to go to work, but her insomnia and fever prevented her from catching any
sleep. [Can’t sleep. Head hurts.]

[No binge drinking next time.]

[I agree.]

[By the way, I wasn’t dreaming last night, was I? That had to be John…]

[No, it isn’t. I’ll send you the dossier I have on him.]

Cordy found the dossier in her phone and sent it into the chat group.

Zoe promptly tapped on it and was left perplexed the more she read about Lucas.

It was just so bizarre-so there really were doppelgangers in this world?!

But from a certain angle and an occasional facial expression, the man was no different from John even
in his figure and presence.

However, the reality was that a person’s appearance could be altered, but not their height or presence!

Just as Zoe wanted to ask more questions, Cordy expected Zoe to keep getting the wrong idea and
decided to stop her by sending another text: [ The paternity test proves it.]


[Dicky did a paternity test with him. But it’s not him.]




Zoe gave up then, since there was no doubting the science.

Looking up at the electronic sign above, she texted: [I’m getting off the subway now. Talk later.]


Cordy put down her phone then but still felt really dizzy.

She got out of bed to get some medicine.

“Ms. Sachs.” Winston was perplexed to see her like that. “What are you looking for?”

“Cold medicine. I’m feeling feverish.”

“Feverish? Well, you shouldn’t take any cold medicine within reach,” Winston quickly said. “You really
should get checked at the hospital. Also, I’ll make an appointment and arrange a car for you right

Cordy was going to turn him down, but considering how she fainted from the fever back at the capital,
she nodded since she was reluctant to let it get too serious.

Soon, she arrived at the best private hospital in North City, and there were staff on hand to receive her.

She had just followed them into the elevator when she paused because Lucas was in the elevator with
Nana beside him.

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