A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 716

Cordy snapped, “I didn’t ask for you!”

“What, did some jinx call me?!’ Lucas shot back.

“That’s an insult to an officer!” Cordy said sternly.

Lucas pursed his lips, and said, “What, are you saying you didn’t ask the officer to call me?”


Lucas’s voice was getting louder as he demanded, “Then, what?! Does he have my number or

“Yes! He remembered you from that bar fight!”

Lucas was left stumped for a moment before then continued loudly and assuredly, “The cops wouldn’t
decide on that themselves. You put them up to it!” i

“No, I called my assistant and asked him to help,” Cordy explained while restraining herself. “But it
turns out that he’s on his honeymoon.”

“What, he didn’t delegate his tasks when he works at a big company like yours? Who do you think
you’re fooling?!”

“Yes, he had a stand-in, but my phone ran out of juice by coincidence! They don’t have a charger for
my phone’s model either, and do you think they could just get one this late at night? The cops just
wanted it over with, so they called you!”

“Hah!” Lucas snorted. “You might sound like you’re making sense, but there are plenty of holes in your
logic! Can’t you ask to borrow someone else’s phone?”

“I don’t know my new assistant’s number. He’s just standing in for two weeks-l have no reason to
remember his number-’

“But you do remember your assistant’s number, don’t you? Why didn’t you call him and tell him to call
the stand-in for you?”

Cordy was stumped.

To be honest, she did not think of that-drinking too much really dulled her intelligence.

“Pfft.” Lucas snorted in disdain and was clearly mocking her.

Incensed, Cordy snapped, “Well, you didn’t have to come! Did I ever ask you to come?! You came
anyway, and you’re being all hurt about it. And where’s your girlfriend? What are you doing here
instead of flirting with her?! n

“Honestly, I just bailed you out. Is this how you treat your savior?”

“Calling yourself a savior just because you posted bail? What, should I spread my legs for you too?!”
Cordy retorted.

“I knew you were lusting after me, Cordy Sachs! This was all set up on purpose, wasn’t it?! First you
took off my pants, then asked me to post your bail—now, you want to sleep with me!”

Cordy was too frustrated to speak, and it took her a long while to growl through her teeth, “If I ever had
such thoughts, Lucas Lynch, lightning will strike me where I stand!


A lightning bolt flashed briefly up in the skies out of the blue, followed by a resounding crack of thunder.

It just happened to illuminate Lucas’ smug smile, leaving Cordy murderous.

“Stop the car!” she shrieked.

The driver glanced at Lucas, while Cordy repeated, “I told you to stop the car!’

“Trying to cover your embarrassment with anger, are we?” Lucas scoffed.


“So you do want me?”

“Yes,’ Cordy snapped, giving up on arguing right then.

The man could think whatever he liked.

“So you actually were interested in me?” Lucas glared at her.

“So stay away from me and deny me any chance,” Cordy growled at him viciously. ’You know that I’m
amazing with seduction, and I’d have any man I have my eyes on.”

“You give yourself too much credit,” Lucas retorted with disdain.

“Then why would you keep showing up around me? Are you saying you’re no interested, Lucas
Lynch?! You could’ve just ignored me if you feel nothing, or are you saying you think nothing of me
when you hover around me repeatedly?!”

“Me? Interested?!’ Lucas certainly thought it was a joke.

“If you were, why did you kiss me at the capital? Why did you stay with me at the hospital? Or actually
entertain my stupid proposal to warm my bed?! Is that what you do when you hate a person?! Stop
pretending, you’d be head over heels if not for your girlfriend-“

“Stop the car!” Lucas yelled at the driver right then, and he did so immediately.

Then, Lucas turned to Cordy and barked, “Get out!”

Cordy did not hesitate to do so, though as soon as she got out, the car sped off, leaving Cordy alone
on the isolated street.

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