A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 711

Zoe had more to say, but Cordy quickly left with Lucas, leaving Zoe rubbing her eyes.

“How much did you drink, honestly?” Quinn groaned beside her.

“That’s definitely John,” Zoe insisted.

Cordy said he was not-they just looked alike.

“Likeness is not the point here.” Zoe snorted. “Don’t you get it? It’s his presence-the way it hits you like
a truck when he’s just standing there. Hell, if I’m wrong, you can take my head and use it as a chair.”

Quinn was left speechless.”… I wouldn’t dare.”

“So, is that a human or a ghost?” Zoe mused then, seemingly obsessed with the question.

Quinn was rolling her eyes, realizing right then that she could not properly communicate with Zoe
tonight now that she was all caught up in that mumbo jumbo.

“Maybe he actually survived?!” Zoe suddenly exclaimed excitedly when she imagined that possibility.

“Keep it down!” an officer barked.

“Y-Yes, sir.” Zoe was promptly cowed.

Even so, she had a hard time calming down at the thought that John might have survived… But if that
really was the case, why on earth did he have plastic surgery?! His new face was hardly as handsome
as his real face!

But even as those thoughts crossed her mind, Zoe suddenly saw a familiar person entering the precinct
and wondered again if her eyes were playing tricks with her.

She probably jinxed herself too-why else would she be seeing Jay Parker standing there? What crime
could he have committed this late at night?

“Quinn. Zoe.” Jay greeted them as he limped on his crutch toward them.

“What a coincidence.” Zoe smiled gingerly, wondering what strangeness brought them together at a
place like this.

“Not really,” Jay replied. “I came to post your bail.”

While Zoe was left speechless, Jay added, “Cordy texted me.”

Wait, Cordy sold her out?!

Still, Zoe soon had to admit that Cordy was helping, since no one else would bail her around.

But it had to be Jay of all people…

“I’ll handle the paperwork,” Jay said without asking any questions, turning and limping toward the
officer’s desk.

Zoe watched him leave before turning to Quinn, asking, “Haven’t you called anyone yet?”

“I did,” Quinn replied. “He might not be coming, though.’

“Wait… You didn’t ask Sam Saunders, did you?!” Zoe gasped in surprise.

“I did, actually.” Quinn nodded—as a matter of fact, the man was just released from prison three days
ago, and every paper in North City covered it.

In the end, the second son of the Saunders family was still somewhat newsworthy.

He had been serving a three year sentence for a hit-and-run and driving under influence.

Quinn was his attorney at the time too.

“Is he really going to come get you?” Zoe snorted in slight disappointment.” Things were already
strained between you two back then, and you’re the reason he’s in prison. I mean, he’s probably
plotting to murder you, but you’re hoping that he’ll bail you out?! I really don’t get it-why didn’t you
divorce him at any point in time over the last three years? He’s in prison, but you’re still saving yourself
for him?! How is Ryan Saunders not better—”


Jay suddenly cleared his throat beside them, leaving Zoe frowning.

Did he get a cold or something? This place was perfectly warm. He was a little frail for his own good! i

As such, Zoe was about to ignore him and finish her rant when a voice spoke with disdain from behind.
“It’s been years, and that mouth is still terrible.’

Zoe promptly turned around to find Sam himself standing there.

The man was so tall that just being there anyone nearby would feel weirdly pressured, even if he was
flashing that usual goofy smile of his that did not seem to change before he served his sentence.

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