A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 710

Zoe asked innocently, “Then… Can we bail each other?” “What do you think?”

Zoe sighed quietly, afraid from blurting the “Yes” she had in mind.

In fact, she had no intention of making things awkward for the cops. She really had no one who could
post bail for her.

She had no relatives and no other friends than the pair with her here.

Cordy understood Zoe’s misgivings, and was left wondering how things became of Zoe and her
biological mother.

But since Zoe didn’t want to say, Cordy wouldn’t ask.

Cordy sent a text on Whatsapp, before calling Randy to post bail…until she gasped in surprise.
“What?! You’re on your honeymoon?”

“You approved my leave immediately too, Miss Sachs!” Randy was on the verge of tears.

The man had just left town with his new bride, but if he rushed back in the night now, he would end up
marrying his job instead.

“Oh, right. Sorry, I forgot.” Cordy remembered then, along with the approval she gave.

“I delegated my tasks to Walter…”

“Yeah, I know. Happy honeymoon, Randy.”

“Thank you, Miss Sachs.” Randy was immensely relieved.

Cordy hung up, but her phone went out of juice just as she was going to call Walter.

She didn’t commit Walter’s number to memory like she did with Randy, but just as she was about to
ask for a charger, a rather familiar looking officer approached her. “Miss Sachs? I’ve already notified
your boyfriend to come bail you.”

“…What?” Cordy stared at the officer in confusion.

“He was involved in a bar fight. We had his number noted down.’

Cordy remembered then that the officer was the one handling Lucas’s case before.

Wait, who asked you?!

However, the man was an officer, and Cordy had to be respectful.

Still, she tried to explain, “Actually, he’s not my boyfriend…”

“He said he’s coming in ten minutes,” the officer said nonetheless. “Also, my phone model is different
from yours and you won’t be able to use your charger. And it’s not like you can get one this late at

He was just worried about the hassle, wasn’t he? He couldn’t wait to send them away, since one less
case was one less case.

However, Cordy didn’t expose him; her phone was out of juice, and whatever she said was pointless.

Ten minutes later, Lucas actually came.

If Cordy were to be honest, she didn’t expect him to come because he had no reason to.

He might have been just here to get it over with since that officer might have been bugging him.

If anything, the awkward encounter at the restaurant should have dissuaded him.

However… There was also the chance that he came to laugh at her.

In fact, she could see the glee in his eyes.

And yet, he stayed quiet as he handled the paperwork.

Suddenly, Zoe was crying out in agitation again. “Y-You again?! I already lit a candle at your grave!
What more do you want? Women?!

Lucas’s forehead creased. He wondered if Cord/s friends were all nutjobs, each of them freaking out on
each occasion they saw him.

Was he that handsome?

Still, she didn’t look lovesick.

On the other hand, Cordy was finally sober enough to understand the reason behind Zoe’s antics

“That’s not John,” she explained.

“No way! We grew up together, and I’d recognize him even if he’s just bones! Or a ghost!” Zoe
exclaimed assuredly.

“No, he really isn’t. That man is Lucas Lynch, and he has mixed-ancestry.” Cordy introduced him briefly.
“I’ll send you what I have on him later.”

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