A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 709

Zoe cried, “W-What should we do?”

The shock left her helpless.

“What else can we do?! Put out the fire!” Quinn snapped.

“Oh, right!” Zoe exclaimed, and promptly took off her coat.

Quinn followed suit, and Cordy had no choice but to follow.

The trio did their best, but just as they put it out…

“What are you doing?!” A voice barked in the darkness.

Zoe thought that she would have died hundreds of times over if she had a bad heart.

Nonetheless, the trio turned to find a security guard dressed in uniform, scowling as he barked at them,
“Got yourselves drunk and came to set the place on fire, did we?”

Zoe began, “Look, gramps-’

“Who are you calling gramps?!” The man was further incensed. “I’m just in my thirties!”

Zoe was left speechless for a moment, wondering how white his hair was for a thirtyish man. Still, she
said, “Look, friend, we’re not here to burn things or anything. We’re just here to visit a grave, and the
candle we brought somehow set the flowers on fire. But see? We already put it out-“

“Visiting a grave late at night? Do you think I’m that stupid?” the man barked, and promptly whipped out
his phone to call the cops.

He did it so quickly that the trio were still gaping by the time he was done.

“Explain that to the cops!” the man told them, keeping his flashlight leveled at them, as if afraid they
would run away.

The trio were speechless, but there was nothing they could do after the man called in the cops!

Zoe couldn’t help but say, “Did I upset him when I called him gramps just now?”

Quinn was rolling her eyes.

She was supposed to be an elite lawyer, but somehow ended up caught messing around with Zoe and
broke the law when she had it down pat!

The cops arrived in half an hour, and started to lead them to their car after the caretaker told them what

Still, before they left, Zoe pleaded to one of the officers,” Could you wait for a moment? I really came to
visit a grave tonight…”

As the officer studied her, she pressed, “Two minutes. Just a prayer.’

The officer actually recognized her, but remained unbiased as he nodded.” Make it fast! Don’t get any
funny ideas!’

“Thanks, gramps-l mean, officer.” Zoe quickly corrected herself, considering that ‘gramps’ might be why
she was in trouble in the first place.

“Don’t you want to visit John’s grave again?” Quinn asked Cordy as she watched Zoe hurry away.

Cordy shook her head. She was really afraid of looking at the headstone again and seeing John’s

It hurt more each time she did it.

They stood nearby, watching as Zoe shuffled through the headstones.

However, while they assumed that she was going to pray in front of John’s headstone, they saw her
stopping in front of another headstone instead.

Quinn had no idea whose grave it was since she had never been here, but Cordy did.

Alan Levine.

In the end, Zoe still holds the Levines in her heart-even if they had thoroughly wounded her.

Soon, Zoe was done, and returned to the officer with a smile. “I’m done now. Thank you.”

The officer nodded, and brought them to the nearest precinct. 1

By then, they were fully sober, and their heads were aching from the ensuing hangover.

However, they would rather stay drunk considering all the ridiculous shenanigans they did that night.

After they gave their legal statements and were admonished thoroughly in return, they were set on bail.

“A single person can bail all three of us out, right?” Zoe asked.

“No,” the officer told them sternly. ‘Arson is a serious crime. Each of you must have someone post bail.”

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