A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 707

“To light a candle and put some flowers at his grave, of course,” Zoe said, as if it made perfect sense.

“What, did you see a ghost?” Cordy frowned in bemusement.

“Yeah!” Zoe nodded repeatedly. “You saw him too, didn’t you?”


“You just did… Whatever, you were drunk,” Zoe snorted, not bothered to elaborate.

Who was the one drunk here again?!

“Let’s go,” Zoe said, and quickly dragged both of them towards the graveyard.

“Hold it.” Quinn stopped her. ’Are you sure we’re going in there? In the middle of the night?”

“I mean, I have to light a candle and put some flowers at his grave, right?”

“Zoe, are you-“

“Zip it! Let’s move.”

Zoe refused to let them speak and kept shoving them inside.

The graveyard was dimly lit, though the rows of graves were clean and tidy.

Only the rich and powerful of North City can be interred here. In fact, it cost so much to buy a lot here
that the most expensive apartment units in the city were cheaper.

For Zoe’s part, she never saw the point of visiting graves and other similar rituals, because it was a
waste of money.

However, she didn’t believe it to be the case now-even if the person died, their spirit lingered!

Over the last few years, Zoe was unaware of how things went between Cordy and John.

She had heard rumors, but Cordy never talked too much about herself.

Of course, that didn’t mean that Cordywas insincere-any friend could always bank on Cordy to save
them. However, Cordy preferred not to express her negative feelings to others-the way she lived was
too self- conscious. 1

Even Quinn herself only found out, albeit indirectly, that Cordy was deeply in love with John.

And there was no doubt that Zoe was rubbing salt on Cordy’s wounds at the moment.

At this late at night, people and their emotions could be more vulnerable- especially if they’re drunk.

And now, in Cordy’s case, both conditions were met.

Zoe was therefore perplexed when she noticed Cordy’s sadness. When Zoe left the city before, Cordy
didn’t love John.

To be precise, Cordy refused to admit that she loved him.

Yet, the man was simply extraordinary.

To be honest, if Zoe wasn’t that chummy with John since a child to the point that she didn’t think of him
as a man, she herself might not be able to resist his magnificence. Moreover, John was the one who
went all out to woo Cordy.

Falling in love was a matter of time for them; Cordy obviously loved him deeply, too.

Perhaps too deeply.

For Cordy’s part, it had been a long time since she came to this place.

In fact, she was afraid to-John’s body wasn’t here, anyway.

They didn’t even find a piece of him, let alone his body.

They were simply putting him where he belonged, for he was a Levine and naturally should be returned
to where he was.

In fact, what the Levines buried here was a set of his clothes he wore before, and pretended as if he
was home.

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