A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 691

Cordy disagreed. “I don’t think so.”

Lucas was just being nicer towards Dicky than the rest, but not in a way that qualified it as special

Dicky was just a child; adults were naturally more tolerant and patient towards children.

At the back garden, Dicky was fuming as he glared fixedly at Lucas.

Lucas had told him that he needed the washroom, only to bring him out here.

His eyes showed utter discontent; Lucas seemed an eyesore no matter how Dicky looked at him today.

Especially when he was getting all flirty with Nana.

In fact, once Dicky understood why his mommy detested him, he decided that Lucas deserved it.

Nonetheless, Lucas suddenly said, “What happened the other night… I didn’t mean it.”

He seemed to be explaining his actions. Dicky looked at him in surprise.

“You weren’t being nice because I yelled at your mommy without knowing, right?” Lucas asked.

However, the mention of that only upset Dicky even further.

“You’re still upset? You really are your mommy’s good son. So protective,” Lucas joked.

“I have to, since my daddy won’t protect mommy,” Dicky growled through his teeth, 1

“Well, he cant reach from beyond the grave. It’s not like he can help it.”

“He’s alive. But he’s rotten now,” Dicky snarled.


“You should be reflecting.”

And with that, Dicky didn’t say anything else.

Lucas smiled despite himself.

Did a little boy just tell him to reflect?

But Dicky was right-he shouldn’t have treated Cordy like that.

He simply saw red.

In fact, Nana didn’t have to tell him anything. He knew that Cordy was so cold, she would never be nice
to anyone.

There was every chance that it was Nana who couldn’t keep her gluttony in check. He knew all too well
how much she loved to eat. 1

However, when she saw Nana looking like she could die at any moment, he couldn’t restrain herself at

In fact, he could admit to himself that he had long since regretted his actions. He really wanted to
apologize to Cordy, even if he never bent himself over for anyone.

His conscience simply gnawed at him so badly…and it had to be Cordy!

That woman was a menace, acting like she didn’t care and didn’t need his apology.

Despite her seeming magnanimity, she was actually giving him grief, leaving a splinter stuck in his

She really knew how the human heart works.

“Yes, I was wrong,” he sighed.

“You actually know that?” Dicky huffed. “If you did, you shouldn’t have-“

However, Lucas suddenly whipped out a gold bullion and put it in Dicky’s hand. “As a way of apology.”

Dicky was stunned, and Lucas continued, “I’m not sure what I can give you, but this is probably the
most practical. It’s valuable, and could be melted down for jewelry. Better yet, it’s an international
currency that holds market worth anywhere.”

Even so, Didcky was weirded out. “But I’m just a kid, you know? What would I use this for?”

“Like I said, I don’t know what I should give you. Just take it.”

“I don’t need it,” Dicky said, and tried to return it to Lucas.

“I gave it to you. I’m not taking it back.”

Dicky was speechless-the man was as unreasonable as ever.

Mommy never liked that about him.

Old habits die hard.

Then again, not quite… Because Daddy was far worse now.

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