A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 689

Cordy raised a brow. “Why? You don’t want to go home?” “No, I just…” Dicky muttered, and trailed off.

Still, Cordy knew that this was about Lucas.

Was the boy convinced that Lucas was his father, and therefore wanted to spend more time with

She actually wondered if Dicky went looking for Lucas earlier today. The thought of that possibility
strengthened her resolve to leave the capital.

“Okay…” Dicky finally gave in.

In the end, his mommy didn’t love his daddy anymore. Daddy was definitely out of line too, protecting
another woman in front of Mommy, and scolding Mommy harshly to boot.

Mommy had every reason to hate Daddy.

“Good night, Mommy. I’m going to bed now.”

“Goodnight, dear.”

Dicky returned to his room, and stared at the parental test on the table.

He waited the whole day for that, and he wanted to show it to his mommy.

But now, it was pointless.

He tore the papers into pieces, and threw the pieces into the bin.

Since Mommy didn’t care, letting her know would only stress her.

He would be the only one who knew, and he would protect his mommy with everything he had.

And that was enough.

The next day, Cordy told Jesse that they were going back to North City after breakfast.

She didn’t come up with any polite excuse, since Jesse would be skeptical about whatever she came
up with, aside from her saying that she never wanted to come in the first place.

Nonetheless, Jesse pleaded for her to stay. “Just wait until tomorrow.”

“I can bring Dicky next time.”

“The Lynds are coming to visit today and apologize for accusing you wrongly. They can’t do that if
you’re gone.”

“It’s just a misunderstanding.”

“It’s all about saving face,” Jesse said. “It’s not much trouble for you to stay another day at your
grandfather’s place, right?”

Since Jesses put it that way, Cordy had no choice but to give in.

She informed Dicky regretfully about that, only to see him celebrating a little over it.

In fact, Dicky’s eyes lit up when she mentioned that the Lynds were coming again.

She wondered what it was about Lucas that drew Dicky to him, when science itself proved that Lucas
wasn’t John!

The Lynds arrived in the afternoon, albeit with less pomp than before. It was just Jean, her eldest son
and his wife, along with Lucas and Nana.

Jesse didn’t gather everyone in his family either, since the less people involved in an apology, the
better. It was the right way to extend an olive branch.

After a bit of small talk, Jean spoke first. “Nana made it very clear she was just greedy and couldn’t
resist eating the mango cake, and that it had nothing to do with you, Cordy. My apologies for giving you

“It’s nothing as long as we can clear the air. Nana already apologized to me yesterday, too.”

“You’re really understanding, just like your mother was,” Jean said earnestly.

Cordy simply smiled politely.

“Oh, here. Take this. It’s a diamond bracelet, and I think it suits you a lot.”

As Jean spoke, she took out the bracelet, intending to put it on Cordy’s wrist. However, Cordy quickly
refused. “You’re much too kind, Mrs. Lynd. But really, there’s nothing between me and Nana. I can’t
accept such a precious gift.”

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