A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 686

Lucas stared numbly at Cordy’s nonchalant reaction.

He had always believed Cordy wanted him, but now, it was very clear that she didn’t have the slightest
inclination towards him.

In fact, she wanted very much to have nothing to do with him.

Gulping, he murmured, “Travel safe.”

In the end, there was no doubt that Cordy and him were just strangers who met by chance. Any
excessive attachments were unnecessary.

Cordy nodded and got in the car with Sean, and left.

On the way back to Cranston Hall, Sean asked, ‘Why didn’t you let Lucas apologize?’

“Why should I? I know for a fact that his outburst wasn’t deliberate,” Cordy replied as she reclined
against her seat and took in the sights outside.” Moreover, getting confrontational with pointless people
is a waste of my time.”

“Don’t you feel any sentiment towards him… Like, at all?” Sean asked quietly. “I mean, the man really
resembles John.”

“Yes, but that doesn’t make him John. And I’ve always been rational.”

Is that so?

In fact, Sean sensed that Cordy’s excessive rationality and indifference was a gesture of hiding her true

Naturally, he wasn’t that tactless—if Cordy didn’t want to say it, he wouldn’t ask.

Jesse had already woken up as they reached home, and asked about the situation when he saw them

When they told him that the misunderstanding was cleared, he nodded and said, “Last night was hard
on you, Cordy.”

“It doesn’t matter now that we’ve cleared the air,” Cordy said, smiling. “I didn’t really sleep last night, so
I’ll try to catch some winks.”

“Okay. Run along now.”

As Cordy headed upstairs, she went straight to Dicky’s room.

When she opened the door to find no one inside, however, she promptly called Dicky.

“Mommy,” Dicky quickly answered her call.

“Where did you go?”

“The butler took me out to the city, Mommy. I know you and Uncle Sean would be busy, so I didn’t want
to impose. Don’t worry, we’re doing fine here -we’re having fun!’

Dicky passed the phone to the butler, who said, “Don’t worry, ma’am. I’ve brought two bodyguards with
us. We’ll definitely keep your son safe.”

“Thank you.”

“It’s what I should do,” the butler said quickly.

With that, Cordy put her phone away.

Over the last three years, she had been overly cautious regarding Dicky’s safety, especially after
Jessica Stuart had abducted him before.

In reality, she didn’t have to worry about her son being kidnapped as a reprisal since she hadn’t really
been making enemies.

Moreover, it was time she adopted a hands-off approach since Dicky was already ten years old. A little
older, and he would have his own personal life.

In the car, the butler put down the phone. He couldn’t resist asking, “Why would you ask to go to the
DNA test center, Master Richard?”

“It’s important,” Dicky said solemnly. “But please don’t tell anyone.”

“Of course, but if you suspect that your mother actually isn’t blood related to Master Cranston, I must
mention that test results with a generation gap might not be accurate,” the butler kindly reminded him.

“No, that’s not what I have in mind. I’ve seen my grandmother’s photos when she was younger. She
resembles my mommy so much there’s no need for a parental test.” “Then…”

“It’s my secret,” Dicky said, and he refused to breathe a word afterwards.

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