A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 681

Cordy bit her lip, having no response to her grandfather’s begrudging accusation of her.

It turned out that Jesse knew all along-he simply left it unsaid.

“Don’t let it get to you. I know you, and if I hadn’t…” 1

Jesse’s words trailed off as he sighed, and quickly changed the subject.” The Lynds were feeling hot-
headed tonight. That’s why I didn’t defend you- saying too much would upset them, and in turn, they’d
be even angrier with you. Let’s wait until Nana recovers. I’ll find a chance to clear the air with my
sister.” 1

“Thank you, Grandfather.”

“You must be tired too. Get some rest.”

“You too.”

With that, Cordy left Jesse’s room.

She could feel his care and love for her, but in reality, she had a hard time accepting such an unfamiliar

Dicky was waiting for her in her room. Cordy asked him calmly, “Arent you going back to your room to

“Aren’t you upset? Lucas yelled at you,” Dicky asked her very bluntly.

“I am, but it’s understandable,” she replied.

She took offense since she was feeling heated as well. Now that she had calmed down, she was a lot
less heated.

Anyone would react like that when the person they loved was in danger. She actually regretted arguing
with Lucas, since doing so was pointless.

Noticing that Dicky was staring at her in confusion, she said, ‘For example, if I got hurt and you think
Lucas was responsible, would you get upset with him?”

“Yes!” Dicky replied without hesitation.

“That’s just it,” Cordy explained. “That’s how anyone would react when it concerns someone they care
about. Lucas loves Nana, and it’s understandable he threw a fit at me because he thought I hurt Nana.
I was in turn upset because I believed he was wrongly accusing me.”

“I’d rather he didn’t!” Dicky huffed indignantly. “You could have explained, right?’

“I will when I have the chance,” Cordy said, patting Dicky on the head. Suddenly, she paused with a
smile. “My bad. You’re a big boy now. You know that a man’s head shouldn’t be touched lightly.”

“You can touch me, Mommy. No matter how old I get.”

As he spoke, he brushed his head against her palm. Cordy felt warmth blossom in her.

Even if Dicky was convinced that Lucas was her daddy, he was still more affectionate to her.

She wondered if John would be jealous if he knew-he was the one who raised Dicky all the way to
seven years old. Dicky only spent three years with her, but was completely taken with her.

Patting Dicky’s little head, Cordy said, “You’re just a kid. You don’t have to worry about the affairs of
adults. You should also trust me, since I’m never the one who gets bullied. I’m not holding it against

them because it doesn’t affect me that much, and I don’t have to waste my precious time.”

Dicky nodded, though there was no telling if he understood.

“Now go to bed. You need to sleep early to get taller.” “You’re worried I can’t get taller, right?” Dicky
appeared a little wounded, perhaps remembering Luacs telling him that girls wouldn’t like him if he was

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