A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 680

In turn, Cordy’s fury rose and she shot back, “How should I know?!’

Cordy knew she shouldn’t be throwing a fit when Nana was this weak, but Nana kept eating the cake
despite knowing her own allergy. That was Nana’s own fault!

“Who told you to give it to her without asking? She’s physically different, get it?!” Lucas kept yelling at
her regardless, albeit over a different reason.

“I didn’t give it to her. She asked for it!” Cordy lost her cool for some reason, though she certainly didn’t
want to take it lying down when she was unjustly framed.

“She asked for it? When she knows that her allergy could stop her heart?!’ Lucas kept screaming,
uncaring for her words. ‘Do you know about her congenital heart defect? That her allergy could trigger
it? Are you saying that she wanted to die when she asked forthat cake?!”

Cordy bit her lip, confused why Nana would play around when her own life was at stake.

Was Nana that eager to fill her belly? Even if it meant dying?!

Lucas was still dead set that Cordy was at fault, and wasn’t giving her an inch at all despite so many
people watching. “You must have given it to her, and she felt uncomfortable refusing it! Isn’t that right?!”

Sean finally had enough of Lucas’s actions. He spoke out sharply, “Cordy only recently returned to our
fold. She doesn’t know about Nana’s condition.”

Jesse spoke up too, and was naturally siding with his own. “I forgot to tell her about Nana.”

Even Jean quickly tried to calm things down. ‘Lucas is just worried. It’s

been a while since anything like this happened to Nana-Cordy can’t be blamed for what she doesn’t
know. She’ll just have to watch up next time.”

Despite her words, it was easy to hear the accusing edge in Jean’s voice.

Cordy was going to defend herself, but Sean tugged at her sleeve and stopped her.

With that, Cordy calmed herself. Knowing that Nana’s life was in danger, she said nothing.

The more she spoke, the more the Lynds and Lucas would be furious and assumed that she cared
about herself after what happened.

She gritted her teeth and decided to bear with it, while turning to look at Nana, who was still in anguish.

If Nana really ate the cake because she was just that much of a glutton, then Cordy had no quarrel with

But, if that wasn’t the case…

Cordy narrowed her eyes, but stayed silent otherwise.

Still, the medivac arrived outside Cranston Hall front porch. Lucas scooped Nana up in his arms as he
dashed towards it.

Nana’s brother and Sean followed, the latter acting as a necessary representative and a basic gesture
of taking responsibility.

After Nana was taken away, the rest of the Lynds left as well, leaving just the Cranstons in their own

“It’s been a long day,” Jesse told them. “Let’s all go back and get some rest. Also, don’t breathe a word
about what happened tonight.”

He was staunchly on Cordy’s side, refusing to let his family say anything remotely harsh on her.

Once the other Cranstons were gone, Cordy went out of her way to explain to Jesse, “Nana was the
one who asked for the cake herself. I didn’t force her to take it or offer it to her.”

“Do you think I don’t know what you’re like?” Jesse smiled wryly. “Others aside, you’d never meddle in
anyone’s affairs. In fact, you’re acting like a guest even when you’re with family. Why would you offer
anything to anyone?”

He sighed, a little bitter that Cordy never assimilated with the family even after all these years.

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