A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 676

To be an eyesore to me?

“So…* Lucas began, but was soon silent again.

Cordy frowned even harder at that.

“Mommy,” Dicky suddenly said. “Can I go back to my room to play with my tablet?”

Cordy was left speechless.

Dicky’s tact was wasted on them, in her opinion—she definitely didn’t want to be alone with Lucas.

But before she could say a word, Dicky slipped away, leaving Cordy gritting her teeth just then.

Still, she said, “Just spit it already, Lucas. Don’t worry-no one would find out about our grievances,
since we’re more or less relatives now. I for one won’t try to hurt our families’ relationship.’

Lucas was left staring at Cordy.

Did she presume he was threatening her to keep her mouth shut again?!

Even if she didn’t actually speak much with her before, he knew her well enough to tell that she always
keeps her promises, and he didn’t have to repeat anything.

He inhaled deeply and finally said, “I’ve misunderstood you.”

“What?” Cordy was puzzled.

“When I implied you had loose morals,” Lucas said rather quietly, his ears turning red if one looked

Still, Cordy smiled-he had been convinced that she was two-timing and setting a bad example for
Dicky. Now that he knew that Sean was a cousin, was he actually feeling guilty?

To be honest, she didn’t think Lucas had it in him.

He only ever cared about his own feelings, didn’t he?

After he apologized, Lucas demanded grumpily, “Why didn’t you explain yourself?”

“What’s the point? Would you believe me?” she asked in return.

Lucas was dumbstruck—he definitely was difficult to persuade, and was always dead set on what he
believed to be true.

“Well, it doesn’t matter,” Cordy added flatly—but not for his benefit.

She was convinced explanations were wasted on pointless people, and she didn’t have to care how
others saw her.

After going through so much, she had long since become immune to the opinions of others.

Spotting Nana, she said, “Your girlfriend’s coming out. There’s no need to get involved with me and
cause further misunderstandings.”

With that, she strode past him-earnest in cutting ties with him in fear of being misunderstood.

Lucas pursed his lips ever so slightly.

His heart felt uncomfortable for some reason, as if a boulder was pressing over his chest, leaving him
with monumental pressure.

The feeling only got worse because of Cordy’s nonchalance, but he left Cordy striding away coolly.

When Nana returned to Lucas’s side, she noticed something different about him. “What’s wrong?”

Lucas came to his senses, and his heart seemed to skip a beat as he did.

Cordy’s influence on him was clearly a little over the line.

He rarely went out of his way to care about others.

Even his affection for Nana came out of sheer coincidence-because they were each at the lowest
moment of their lives at the time.

As they licked each others’ wounds, they got into a relationship, as if it was the logical conclusion.

On the other hand, he only met Cordy a handful of times. Yet, he had this indescribable feeling when it
came to her.

Maybe he was just feeling guilty about misunderstanding Cordy.

There was no need to dwell on it.

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