A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 675

Thanks to Nana, the mood between the two families was good.

Jesse turned towards Lucas just then. “Is this your boyfriend, Nana?”

Lucas nodded respectfully. ’Hello, Mr. Cranston. I’m Lucas Lynch.”

“What a fine young man you are!” Jesse said as he studied Lucas. “But why do you look so familiar?”

“Don’t you think he resembles your great-grandson, sir?” Nana pointed out, turning towards Dicky.

Jesse realized with a start, and exclaimed, “Why yes, they do!”

“It’s just a strange coincidence,” Lucas said humbly.

“Sean, is that your granddaughter?” Jean asked when she saw Cordy.

“Oh, yes. She’s been working at North City, so he doesn’t come by often. Cordy? This is my sister,”
Jesse said. He beckoned Cordy to him and introduced them.

“Hello, Mrs. Lynd,” Cordy greeted her politely.

“Oh, of course I know Cordy. Your career is really taking flight, and I often see you in the news!” Jean
started to heap praise on her. “I didn’t think you’re family, even though I’ve always been saying that
everyone in our family is the best of the best.” 1

“You flatter me, Mrs. Lynd. I’m just lucky.”

“You should give yourself more credit. You have a flair for fashion design, just like your mother…”

Jean sighed, while Cordy smiled faintly in silence.

The atmosphere suddenly turned somber…until Nana suddenly gasped in surprise. “You’re not Sean’s

Sean quickly asked, “Why would you say that, Nana?”

“Well, you were always together, and you really cared for the pretty lady…l mean, Cordy.”

“No, I’m just taking her on trips around town since she rarely visits the capital,” Sean explained.

“Oh, dear me!” Nana flashed an awkward smile. “I’m sorry, Cordy.”

“It’s nothing,” Cordy said, otherwise keeping quiet.

And here she thought they were strangers! They just had to be relatives.

This was going to be a serious mess.

“Well, where’s your husband, Cordy?” Nana asked naively.

Cordy pursed her lips. “He passed away.”

“Oh. I-I’m sorry,” Nana said, clearly flustered. “I didn’t mean it. I thought-“

“It’s nothing. It’s been years.” Cordy was calm somehow. 1

“Okay.” Nana nodded, and stopped right then.

The two families headed indoors later, and Cordy stayed in the living room with them for a while.
Seeing that the others each had their own business, she decided to take Dicky out to the rear garden
for a breather-she was feeling a little overwhelmed, and Dicky was on edge too.

It turns out Lucas and Nana were sitting at the gazebo there, with Nana unable to stop herself from
saying, “I didn’t think Cordy’s life was that unlucky. Her mother and husband are both gone, leaving her
alone with Dicky to fend for themselves.”

“Yeah,” Lucas grunted.

“She’s so beautiful, yet so tragic!” Nana sighed.

Lucas pursed his lips, a flicker of emotion showing on his face.

He turned to see Cordy and Dicky having a stroll in the back garden.

At the same time, Nana’s eldest brother arrived. “Grandma’s calling for you, Nana. You should head

“Oh, okay,” Nana said, rising from her seat. “Wait for me, Lucas. I’ll be right back.”

“It’s fine. Just go.”

After Nana left, Lucas hesitated for a moment before approaching Cordy and Dicky.

Cordy frowned when she saw him approach. Where did Nana go? She was just there with him, wasn’t

Lucas seemed to have read her mind. “Her grandmother was asking for her.

“Oh,” Cordy replied, staring blankly at him.

And? What was he doing here?

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