A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 671

Seeing that Cordy wasn’t reacting for a long while, the girl asked awkwardly, “You don’t remember

Cordy wondered if she could say no.

Nonetheless, the girl flashed an innocent smile and introduced herself.” Well, it makes sense that you’d
forget since you’re so beautiful, while I’m so plain. We met just yesterday outside that store. We were
both waiting for someone.”

Cordy smiled, feeling that it would be impolite if she still stayed distant.” Yeah, I remember.” 1

“Really?” The girl was beaming. “I’m so glad that a beauty like you would remember me!’

Cordy smiled faintly in turn, and glanced at Lucas, who stood by the girl and stared at her.

Was he worried she misspoke?

But he had nothing to worry about-she loathed him, but she wouldn’t sink that low.

“You think my boyfriend looks just like your son, right?” the girl asked excitedly. 1

Cordy blinked.

She was just glancing at Lucas once, yet the girl noticed?

Still, she had to admit that the girl was very tactful—she was obviously asserting dominance, but she
was smart enough with her words to stave off any awkwardness.

“Yes,” Cordy nodded.

“That’s what I’ve been saying, but Lucas insists otherwise. By the way, where’s your son? You must be
here with him, right?”

“Over there,” Cordy pointed.

Dicky was too engrossed to notice what was going on with Cordy, though Sean did turn to look even
though he was keeping Dicky company.

“That’s your husband, right?” the girl asked, seeing Sean. “He’s so handsome! You two look like a good

“You too,” Cordy replied, not inclined to explain herself. It was pointless to clear misunderstandings with
strangers, after all.

She could also sense the look of disdain from Lucas, and she certainly could tell what was in his mind.

Naturally, he was mocking her for two-timing. What else could it be?

However, she didn’t care about leaving an impression.

Suddenly, the girl blushed. “Lucas, I need the ladies’ room.”

“I’ll go with you.”

“It’s alright. Go in to the planetarium-just make it quick, and join me at the amusement park later,” the
girl purred.


The girl left happily.

Cordy was intending to leave as well, since she was really uninterested and was going to find another
spot for herself to take a break-which ironically was why she was here in the first place.

“Cordy.” Lucas suddenly stopped her.

Cordy turned towards him as he continued, “I would rather my girlfriend didn’t misunderstand anything.”

“And did I do anything wrong?” Cordy scoffed.

“Keep it up. Look…”

Cordy rolled her eyes-there really was no end with his shenanigans.

“You’re a mother, so you should learn how to set an example instead of misbehaving so openly with
your own son.”

“Hah!” Cordy snorted despite herself-what did that have to do with him?

She would educate her son, and had no need for his advice!

“Just a word of advice,” Lucas said as he coolly strode past her.

Cordy really had to restrain herself from flipping out in public. 1

Who does he think he is?

Sean, who was glancing backwards at her from time to time, noticed that she was being emotional.

It was hard for her to get upset, however—she knew how to convey her dissatisfaction, but she would
never lose control of herself.

So, Sean told Dicky, “Stay here, and don’t go anywhere. I’m checking on your mommy.”

“What’s wrong?” Dicky asked worriedly.

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