A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 665

Zoe instinctively closed her eyes when Wynn blew hard at her eyes.

“Feel better?” Wynn asked, slightly anxious.

Zoe blinked her eyes cautiously. She felt like the foreign object was gone.

As the corners of her lips lifted in a bright smile, she suddenly looked in the direction of the door.

Wynn followed the direction of Zoe’s gaze and looked over as well.

That was when both of them saw the director and judges standing at the door of the rehearsal room.

Wynn and Zoe immediately widened the gap between them.

There was nothing between them, but their sudden pulling apart made it look like they had a guilty
conscience and prime for a misunderstanding to occur.

The director joked, “Zoe and Wynn are getting along really well, aren’t they?”

“We’re just rehearsing the scene,” Wynn explained in a hurry.

“Candice isn’t here?* Jay changed the topic.

He directed the question at Wynn and ignored Zoe.

Zoe thought that Jay would have gone home to sleep after being trapped the entire night in this
building. What was more, he had treated everyone to breakfast and should be done with solidifying his
caring and considerate persona. What was he doing still sticking around?

Since when was Jay so proactive? In the past, aside from the movies he chose to focus on, he had no
intentions of expanding into other aspects of the industry.

Could it be that since the Levines were no longer in the business circle, Jay saw sense in being more
on the ground?

Just like her.

Now that she had returned to the entertainment circle, she found herself very capable of sucking up to
people too.

“Candice is on her way. There’s a traffic jam,” Zoe explained.

The director could tell that Jay was upset.

Jay had always been easy-going, but for some reason, he seemed really miffed this time.

He supposed it must be that Jay was more serious during filming, as a director himself.

What was more, Jay was someone he had invited in-person many times before he agreed to join the
program. His presence might not be able to pull in significant traffic, but it would definitely enhance the
quality of the program. Naturally, he did not dare to offend Jay.

He immediately said to his assistant, “Give Candice’s manager a call and ask where they are.”


The assistant immediately went aside to make the call.

The director tried to ease the tension in the atmosphere. “Since Candice isn’t here yet, let’s go to other
rehearsal rooms. You two, prepare to shoot some behind-the-scenes later.”

“Okay.” Zoe and Wynn immediately agreed.

Just as the crew was about to leave, Hailey said coldly, “You have to depend on your skills to act out a
character well, instead of using other means and being gimmicky which will never end well for you.”

Her incisive words made everything even more awkward.

Of course, Zoe and Wynn knew what Hailey meant. She was trying to remind them not to think about
kicking up a scandal but to instead focus on their acting skills.

Wynn’s face darkened with displeasure.

Just as he was about to refute, Zoe suddenly said, “Ms. Zimmerman, you are right. Wynn and I have
been busy discussing the script.”

Hailey did not say anything further and simply left with a straight face, with the crew following behind

After they left, Wynn turned around and said to Zoe in a huff, “Why didn’t you let me explain things
when she accused us of that?”

“What’s the point of an explanation? That might instead offend the judges and leave a bad impression
on them.”

“You’re such a coward!”

“What about you? Why didn’t you speak up after I did then?”

“I… You already put it that way, what else could I say?” Wynn sulked.

“Hailey Zimmerman isn’t wicked,” Zoe remarked.

“Not wicked? As part of the judging panel, she criticized us so harshly, leaving us no pride and dignity
at all. I’ve been upset with her for a long time.” “At least she’s honest and not two-faced. Those people
who look nice on the outside but stoop to underhanded means are the troublesome ones.” “Who are
you referring to?”

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