A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 664

“Candice? How could that be possible? I just called her and she only just got out of bed,” Wynn

Zoe could not bring herself to point out that Wynn did not even bother coming for rehearsals in the

After all, she was enjoying breakfast that Wynn invited her to.

“I heard that Director Parker was the one who treated everyone to breakfast. He said he was worried
that we would go hungry, reporting so early for rehearsals. He asked his assistant to deliver loads of
food to every single rehearsal room!” Wynn explained as he gobbled a mouthful of food. “I didn’t expect
Director Jay to be so thoughtful.”

Zoe was not surprised.

Having been with the Levines for so many years, Jay was adept at accommodating their needs. These
skills that he honed over time helped him navigate and go far in high society.

“I say, have you heard from the staff members?”

“About what?”

“Director Parker was trapped in here last night.”

“Oh, I didn’t hear about it.” Zoe went on eating her breakfast unperturbed.

She left hastily just now precisely because she did not want others seeing her with Jay.

The entertainment industry was a place of gossip. Regardless of what the truth really was, as long as it
was headline-worthy, it was deemed as truth.

“I even heard that he wasn’t alone. Do you think Director Parker has an underground lover? Perhaps
from our batch of actors in this program?”

“Pfft!” Zoe spat out a mouthful of low-fat milk, which mostly landed on Wynn’s face.

Zoe hurriedly pulled out some napkins to wipe his face. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t do it on purpose.”

“I know you didn’t, but did you have such a strong reaction?”

“I didn’t! I just took a huge gulp and choked on it.”

“Is that so?” Wynn asked with narrowed eyes.

Zoe immediately asked with feigned interest, “So, do you know who it is?”

“You’re interested in such gossip too, aren’t you?”

“That’s just women’s nature, isn’t it? You, on the other hand, are so gossipy despite being a man.”

“It’s all in the interest of self-preservation. If it’s really someone from among us, at least we’ll know not
to offend her. Don’t you agree with me?”

“That makes sense.”

“It’s just a pity that I have no idea who she is,” Wynn said with a shrug.

‘That’s good,’ Zoe thought.

‘It would be terrible if he knew.’

What happened between her and Jay last night was nothing but an accident. They clearly had nothing
to do with each other, yet she was now at risk of being the subject of rumors.

Given her status right now, any hint of a scandal would doom her.

“As long as we take it that anyone could turn out to be his underground lover, we’ll just try not to offend
anyone and we’ll be fine,” Zoe said indifferently.

“That’s true,” Wynn agreed with her, “I used to think that you were very proud and haughty. After all,
you used to be…”

Wynn paused for a moment as he observed the look on Zoe’s face.

“It’s fine-speak your mind,” Zoe said graciously.

“You used to be a top A-list celebrity. Yet, having hung out with you over the past few days, I find you
so approachable and friendly.”

“I don’t have the right to not be approachable and friendly. If I were still a top A-list celebrity, see if I’m
still this approachable and friendly?” Zoe joked.

Wynn chuckled.

He appreciated Zoe’s frankness.

The two of them chatted away happily.

“Don’t move,” Wynn suddenly said to Zoe.

“What’s the matter?”

“There’s something on your brow.”

Zoe blinked.


Zoe yelled when the foreign object fell into her eyes.

“You silly! I told you not to move and you moved!”

“You didn’t tell me not to blink!”

“Yes, yes, I didn’t make myself clear,” Wynn was an easy-going fellow and did not count it against Zoe.
He said magnanimously, “I’ll help you blow it out.”


Wynn leaned closer to Zoe.

The two of them looked very intimate.

“Are you done?” Zoe was almost tearing up from the sharp pain.

It hurt a lot.

“Don’t panic, I see it now.” Wynn leaned in closer and blew hard at Zoe’s eyes.

Meanwhile, there was a movement at the door of the rehearsal room.

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